What Others Are Saying About Me!

“Dear Dick Wolf,

I am a casting director and I would give the bra off my back for Gina.  In fact, I did, the very first time I met her. 

I was crewing on a production of ‘Hair’ in the 90’s and was backstage during intermission.  This crazy redhead ran up to me and said ‘Omigod, could you lend me your bra?!?!  I need a white bra for the next scene!’

Stunned, I said ‘Yeah, sure…’, took it off and gave it to her.  She hastily attached it and ran onstage in time for her cue.

My brassiere was returned to me covered with fluorescent glow-paint, which never completely came off, even after several washes.  This I discovered when I wore it once into a night club.  The black light made it glow bright yellow under my shirt.  Talk about the headlights being on!

I have performed Shakespeare with Gina, knew her in her bridge-scaling, sky-diving Danger Girl days, seen her sing ‘Piece of My Heart’ better than Joplin, and have auditioned her for Jennifer Aniston and Tim Robbins movies.  She rocks.  Put her on the show.  I will send you my bra.”
Lana Veenker, CSA

“Gina is Riveting! She brings life to both the camera and the stage with unmistakable realism. She’s someone everyone should have the opportunity to work with at least once in their life and if they’re lucky enough to work with Gina more than they will be forever grateful, I promise. Her talent is simply a natural gift that is intoxicating. I excitedly await for you to also be mesmerized.”
Natalie Hoy, actress/singer/dancer/best Ophelia EVER!

“Gina is a firecracker, both on stage and off.  Her talent is EXPLOSIVE!! One of the most gifted actors I’ve ever worked with!”
Nakisha Guevera, actress/La Femme Nakisha

“I’ve had the pleasure to see Gina ‘in action’…she can handle drama, comedy – you name it! – with such a charismatic presence that it will command your attention. She truly deserves a chance to show what she is capable of!”
Diego DiGiovanni, actor

“Having been blessed with knowing Gina for around 20 years, I can say I have seen Gina in some of her most trying times and her most glorious moments. Through all of it she has handled herself with a grace and courage that I find astounding! Gina has an incredible passion for acting and the theater but more importantly she has a passion for life! This is Gina’s time to show the world what a shining star REALLY looks like. Dear Mr. Wolf, you will be hard pressed to find a harder working, kinder, more talented individual. Thanks for your time.”
April Powell, stay-at-home mom of three/hobby farmer

“Gina is one of the most dedicated and committed actors I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Her emotional range is amazing -she’s made me laugh one minute & cry the next. She’s mesmerizing to watch on stage and would set my Tivo every week to see her on Law & Order! She would be an excellent addition to the cast and they’d be lucky to have her!”
Aleyna Minamoto, actor/stage beauty

“Gina is an extraordinary and truthful actor. She brings honesty in all her work. Performing or directing. It’s a thrill to see her play on stage in the moment.”
Caleb Martin, actor/improv coach

“Gina Rocks! Gina Rocks! Gina Rocks! And she’s not a stalker, I swear!”
Doug Y. (AKA restraining order #4815162342)

Sometimes our closest friends are our worst critics and Gina is a dear friend of mine. So when I went to see her in Wonder of the World, the ante was up because went knowing that she is a native Californian who had to pull off  a character, Lois, who had a heavy New York accent. I thought that this would be an unavoidable distraction, and I couldn’t have been more wrong. Not only does Gina make an indiscernible transition to a character who has lived in New York all of her life, but Gina creates a intimate connection with her audience. During the final scene, there is the possibility of her character jumping into Niagara falls. I was so invested that I couldn’t breathe; I felt as though I were the only one in the theater… the only witness who could help. Gina delivers tension that is tangible, heart flutters that are real, and tears that lap underneath the chin. Her performance is simply Mesmerizing!
– Sharyn Hall, UC Berkeley/wonder of the world

“who is this gina yates you ask yourself, dick wolf? gina is the perfect mix of quirkiness and grace. a tightly wound ball o’ string fighting to be unravelled! she is the extra cherries in my shirley temple, and when she’s on stage, she completely captivates the audience as she stumbles upon what seems to be accidental brilliance!”
Meg Cionni, actress/universal muse

“Dear Dick Wolf: For your consideration…
The credits roll, Act 1 takes place,
The corpse lays lifeless and pale faced.
The detective walks in and assesses the scene.
She’s the new kid in town, equipped with Dentyne.
Her name is Gina… Yates that is.
She’s armed and ready – let’s call her “the Whiz”.
Her petite small frame and curly red hair
Disarm you in an instant, you better beware.
She delivers her lines with the greatest of ease.
When she’s on the set she aims to please.
Her skills are mad and her promptness is killer,
This definitely qualifies her as a Winner.
So Dear Mr. Wolf, if I may say politely,
You’d be an idiot not to hire her – I don’t say this lightly.
Our darling Gina is an unstoppable force,
She’s strong to the finish, much like a racehorse.
So please hear us out – those of us who matter,
Law & Order + Gina Yates = the answer.”

 – Desiree Riek, actor & poet extraordinaire

“Gina Yates was born to be on Law & Order! Her presence on the show would take it to heights hitherto undreamed of in television history!”
Stephan Henry, actor/a streetcar named Brilliance

“She made me cry, only to turn around and make me laugh throughout.”
Sydney Dace, a damn fine actor

“I had the privilege of directing Gina Yates in a stage production of The Memory of Water in 2007. Nobody does drunken Catholic guilt, rage and angst quite like Gina. Seriously, though, Gina really did steal that entire production, and she is one of these most professional, dedicated actresses I’ve come across in years – and I’ve come across a lot of actresses in my time. She’s brave, fearless, and has an emotional commitment to her roles that most actors never come close to emulating. A great, selfless ensemble player, I think she’d be an amazing member of  Law & Order. Even if she played a corpse she’d imbue it with a life-long back story.”
Kelly Hartog, director extraordinaire

“She’s very talented! And beautiful!”
Linda Yates, my mom 🙂

“I have studied with Gina at the Howard Fine Acting Studio since 2006. Her talent and commitment to the work as an actor is truly inspiring. I have never seen anyone do more homework when preparing for a role. She writes pages an pages of backstory – from what color shoes she was wearing in the previous moment, to what she had for breakfast that morning. How she finds the time to squeeze in those weekend Law & Order marathons, I’ll never know. But, she does, because I hear about it every Monday.”
Jason Burns, actor/self-proclaimed Second Coming of Thespis

“Of all the actresses I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my prestigious Hollywood career, Gina has by far been the best.”
Kevin Dunn, actor/the next household name

“Gina’s performance in my play Waiting For Love was sensitive and sensual, haunting and unforgettable!”       
– Evelyn Duboff, playwright/fashionista

“I worked with Gina on my morning radio show at KWJJ in Portland, Oregon.  With zero experience at the time, Gina “Danger Girl” Yates was brilliant and witty on-air no matter what the challenge was.  It was all LIVE on a big 50,000 watt FM station without rehearsal!  We laughed, we cried… then we drank!”
Jim Bosh, morning show host, WWYZ-FM, Hartford

“Gina’s portrayal of a woman is SO compelling and impressive that most of West Hollywood is now turning straight. Never before has a woman who was born a girl, stayed a girl and is still a girl been such an inspiration to all of us not privileged enough to have a uterus.”
 – Henry Farnam, actor/recording artist/unofficial mayor of West Hollywood

“Gina is a zany and witty redhead that brings down the house wherever she performs, even in our backyard.  Gina’s performance might even give lawyers a good name. I’ve raised millions for projects but there is no one like Gina…she is one of a kind.”
Bobbi Fisher-Velazquez, #1 stepmom

“I work profusively in the theater and have seen Gina in multiple productions. I haven’t seen so much dedication to a character as Gina puts forth. After each performance I feel as if I know the character personally. That is what theater is about.”
Josh Vignery, actor/director

“Gina is a powerful presence, the kind of person that makes you wonder if she is somehow blood related to Daniel Day Lewis.”
Mason Storm, actor/Funny or Die sensation

“Cast her in the role of stalker. Victim: a famous TV Exec Producer. Kidding aside, Gina Yates is a corker. She’s an under-mined talent and a fire cracker to boot. Book her already!”
Megan Raney Aarons, film-making goddess, GRAINEY Pictures

“Gina really knows how to play a woman.”
Gerry Christoff, actor/writer (can’t you tell?)


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  1. Gina Yates is a great person and a great actress. I’m a big fan!

  2. I have seen Gina’s work and she is a gifted actor. I told her I would love to work with her. I believe she has a huge career a head of her.

    Randy Robertson

  3. A friend sent me the link to this site, and even though I don’t know Gina, if she was on the show, I’d watch- she’s hot!!

  4. Gina’s an amazing, charismatic talent onstage, and is a force of nature off of it. But damn if she ain’t smart as a whip, too! I mean, seriously, anyone clever enough and ballsy enough to create this website and do it so well DESERVES HER OWN FREAKIN’ SHOW!!!

  5. Both onstage and off, Gina nurtures scenes & fellow actors….She displays a committment to work & results required to succeed on a high level in this business….She is not just an artist, but a businesswoman! How rare to find & how special….We are in the service industry, and Gina has a true spirit of service.

  6. Nobody’s better at playing victims than Gina. Her natural stiffness and acting abilities makes her a perfect corpse. She even comes with her own chalk outline……… No, Gina is an exceptional actress; intelligent, quick-witted, funny, emotionally giving and beautiful …. she would be an asset to L&O, Dick what are you waiting, for I mean, really?!? Cast her ….. Now!

  7. There is no one who can talk about tasting her own menstrual blood with the panache and style that Gina had when I directed her in “Uncommon Women.” She is a bold and fearless actress who goes where most fear to tread. She is also an entirely delightful and charming person, with a wicked sense of humor. A true asset to any set.

  8. Dear Mr. Dick Wolf,

    What can I say about Gina that hasn’t already been said. Well actually plenty of things, but I won’t go into that.

    I can tell you from personal experience that she is not only a warm-hearted person, but also a damned talented actress and she should have won an Emmy or an Oscar a long time ago.

    So might I suggest you put her in your show. Because if you don’t, I know some people in the Mafia who might be able to persuade you. That would be interesting, wouldn’t it?

  9. Hair of red, heart of gold. Gina is a fascinating mixture of passion and talent. C’mon Mr. Wolf, give the kid a break, you’ll never find anyone more deserving.

  10. Gina is a terrific, vibrant actress who brings intelligence and soul to every part she plays. Her no-nonsense pragmatism and sharp line-delivery would make her a perfect asset for any show in the Law And Order family.

  11. She’s ready for her close-up, Mr. Dick Wolf!

  12. Mr.Wolf she wont disappoint you.

  13. Hey Gina! Great you have you on the show! You rocked supremely and I can’t wait to bring you back! You can download the show or listen to it here: http://latalkradio.com/Sheena.php Dick Wolf is a damn fool not to put you on L&O!

    The Sheena Metal Experience

  14. Dear Mr. Wolf,
    Gina Yates is an amazing actor, soon to skyrocket in her acting career! You should have her as as quest star on Law&Order before she is to busy with other
    Randy Robertson

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