9/15/09: I’m Baaaaack!!

Dear Dick Wolf:

Hello! I’m back! I know, I know, it’s been far too long since I’ve been in touch. I blame summer. And my 7-day work week. And the cats – TOTALLY HIGH-MAIN. I also blame my car breaking down, family drama, my latest nose job, the Sherman Oaks water main debacle, celebrity deaths, Afghanistan and Joe Wilson. So as you can see, I was clearly unable to write for the past few months. I’m sure you understand.

However, I return to you with the most exciting news EVER! Your buddy, Dr. Neal Baer, is going to be a guest on our radio show this Saturday! Can I get a WOO-HOO?!! You can check out the announcement on our homepage. It looks like this, only bigger:


As you can guess, I’m over the moon! I can’t wait to hear all about the upcoming season of Law & Order: SVU, and talk about Christopher Meloni, my one-night guy. Although I doubt I’ll mention that, but I will ask why he’s constantly overlooked for Emmy nominations. It’s not fair. Stabler is one of the best characters on television, and he’s repeatedly robbed. I think we’ve had this conversation before, right? Well, as you can see, I’m still pissed about it. NOBODY PUTS STABLER IN A CORNER!

Too soon? Yeah, I thought so. Sorry. For the record, I’m distraught over Patrick Swayze’s death. He was so wonderful. I first fell in love with him when he did the mini-series North and South. Oh, how I adored that show! I sat on the couch every night it was on, watching and drooling over Orry Main. I hadn’t seen The Outsiders or Red Dawn, so this was my first encounter with Patrick, and I was smitten! Ask my mom. She’ll tell you. I was a raging box of hormones at that point and he was so dreamy. Then Dirty Dancing came out and it was all over. I was a sophomore in high school and I saw it at the movie theatre with a gaggle of girlfriends. We were all love-struck. I think that movie may very well be the one that ruined my love life. I’m perpetually searching for that bad-boy-with-a-heart-of-gold. My very own Johnny Castle.


I mean really. LOOK AT THAT MAN. And oh, how he danced! Note to guys: If you want to make women swoon like it’s a disease, learn to shake it like Johnny Castle.

As usual, I digress. But he will be so, so missed.

So, please be sure to tune-in to our radio show this Saturday to hear your friend, Dr. Baer! 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern. Hey, maybe you could give me a few inside stories to spring on him! Like, “So, tell us about the time you dressed up like Ice-T for the company Halloween party.” That would be fun.

OK, gotta go. I’m glad we’re back in touch. I’ve missed you. 

Thank you. Amen.

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2/1/09: Radio Show Audio!

Dear Dick Wolf:

Hi. I hope you enjoyed the Super Bowl.

I wanted to let you know that if you missed my radio appearance last week, my friend Mike put together some swell audio for you! I’ve posted it below. You can listen to it at your convenience.

We talked for nearly an hour about Law & Order! Surely that’s worth an under-five, right?


Vodpod videos no longer available.
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1/26/09: Press Release!

Dear Dick Wolf:

Check it out! The official press release for tonight’s radio appearance:



Popular Blog Targeting TV Mogul Dick Wolf to Be Featured On LA Talk Radio.


Los Angeles, CA – January 26, 2009– Tonight, Internet broadcasting provider LA Talk Radio will be interviewing Gina Yates, author of the entertainment blog Dear Dick Wolf.


Yates, who lives in Los Angeles, created the blog as an open plea to Dick Wolf, creator and producer of the Law & Order television franchise. Yates, a professionally trained stage actress, is a huge fan of Wolf’s and hopes to land a role on one of his legal dramas.


Yates will be featured on The Sheena Metal Experience at 6 p.m. PST.


LA TALK RADIO brings you the most innovative radio programming on the Web. Sometimes informative, occasionally uplifting, often in-your-face irreverent, and always entertaining. All shows are broadcast and archived in CD-quality audio.


As described by Blog Catalog: DearDickWolf.com is one actress’s open plea to Dick Wolf, creator of the hugely successful Law & Order franchise. “Dear Dick Wolf: Please put me on Law & Order. Thank You. Amen.” Please help her get word to Dick!


Listen live, 6 p.m. PST at http://www.latalkradio.com/live.shtml


For more information: www.nowcasting.com/GinaYates


Awesome!! Don’t forget to call in: 818-602-4929


Thank you. Amen.

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1/25/09: Extra! Extra!

Dear Dick Wolf:

NEWSFLASH!!!! I will be on LA Talk Radio tomorrow night talking about this blog! Sweet!


Show: The Sheena Metal Experience.

You can listen live HERE. I’ll be on at 6 p.m.

Give us a call: 818-602-4929. That would be cool since, you know, you’re the subject and all 😉

Thank you! Amen.

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1/13/09: Needed: One ‘Get Outta Court Free’ Card

Dear Dick Wolf:

We need your help. 

I write for a syndicated radio show. We have 317 affiliates. We’re kind-of a big deal, according to Arbitron (and my mom*). Every day, we dispense information that saves lives. Well OK, maybe not every day, but we’ve been known to. In fact, I wrote a piece one time on what to do if you’re having a heart attack. Well, one of our listeners started having a heart attack while listening to that very segment. (I realize that sounds like I was responsible, but I wasn’t.) She listened to the advice – which was to cough. A single cough every 1 to 2 seconds, in bouts of 5 coughs. Pause, and then repeat the sequence until help arrives. Why? Because the pumping action caused by the coughing helps push blood through the body. The coughs can also help the person stay conscious, and even regain an effective heartbeat.

So, the woman did this and it saved her life. She wrote a letter to the show, and we got a big write-up in R&R. Yeah, that’s cool and all, but the main thing is – we literally saved someone’s life. We’ve also shared tips that have helped people lose weight, patch up romances, ace job interviews, yada yada yada. You get the picture.

Well, here’s the problem. We’re a pretty small crew – about 12 full-time employees. And our fantastic Production Coordinator, Elizabeth, has just been put on jury duty. For 15 days.


(This is Elizabeth, pleading for your help.)


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12/5/08: Dann Florek vs. Bill Clinton

Dear Dick Wolf:

When I graduated from college, Bill Clinton was our keynote speaker. It was 1998, and he selected three commencement ceremonies that year at which to speak. Ours, at Portland State University, was one of them. He also gave the commencement speeches at MIT, and the United States Naval Academy. Considering the prestige of these other two institutions, I have no idea how our humble PSU fell into that trio, but my classmates and I were over the moon when we found out. It was pretty exciting! Since, you know, he was President of the United States and all. One that we actually liked.

I was also a radio personality at the time (this is relevant, pinky swear). I was part of the morning show on KWJJ-FM. They called me “Danger Girl” (highly embarrassing) and it was my duty to go out and do pseudo-crazy stunts. I did things like climb bridges, ride in a hot air balloon, co-pilot a small plane – I even rode a bull. Yep, a real bull. Stayed on for about 3 seconds before it bucked me off into a big pile of guacamole-colored bull dung. Seriously gross. And to top it all off, I had to wear a neck-brace after an x-ray suggested that I’d broken my neck. Turned out it was merely whiplash (the x-ray was confused by a congenital defect that had gone undetected up to that point – a bone that never fused properly…looked broken…I digress)…

Well, when President Clinton came to Portland to speak at our graduation, I was given a Danger Girl assignment – infiltrate his hotel room and deliver a KWJJ t-shirt. My radio show cohorts told me to say I was an intern, maybe that would help…It didn’t. I got as far the hotel lobby elevator before I was stopped. However, the security guard did take the t-shirt and told me that he would deliver it to the President, along with our note asking him to wear it next the time he went jogging. The letter also said that I was looking forward to hearing him speak at my graduation ceremony.

And of course, true to his reputation, he gave an amazing speech.


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8/17/08: Drudge, Rhinoplasty and Celebrity Defense Attorneys

Dear Dick Wolf:

I have no idea where the time goes. It simply goes. Trust me when I say my lack of blogging isn’t meant to be an outright display of laziness, for I enjoy writing to you. It’s a way for you to get to know me before you hire me, thus sparing you the “Tell me a little about yourself…” portion of the audition process. However, the vanishing of days has been at an all-time high as of late. I have flashes of what I’ve been doing – working three jobs (one of them full-time), memorizing lines for a new class scene, rehearsing, reading The Drudge Report. I know, I know – why am I, a crazy left-wing liberal whose beliefs may someday single-handedly cause the complete deterioration of our just and moral American society, reading Drudge? Ummm…I like the layout. And he digs up great offbeat stories. And he’s uberfast with breaking news. (And I like to start my sentences with the word “and”…) We may not have the same political ideology, but hey – I give credit where credit is due. Yes, my mom hates that he’s my homepage, but we still manage to coexist.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you something – I met Tom Mesereau today (DUHNT DUHNT)! You may remember him from the Michael Jackson molestation trial and the Robert Blake murder trial, to name two of the high-profile ones. Now, it’s not every day that I find myself chatting with a criminal defense attorney, and regardless of how I feel about either of those cases (not that I followed them enough to feel much of anything), he seems to be a pretty cool guy.


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