4/20/10: Guest Post Debut!

Dear Dick Wolf:

So as you’ve probably noticed, I’m not the most consistent blogger. I always have things I want to write to you about – the Goren/Eames exit…the recent birth of your new baby…Law & Order coming to Los Angeles – but at the moment I’m working on finishing a play, and I’ve made it my top priority. Not that I wouldn’t take an immediate hiatus if you needed me to, oh, I don’t know, take Saffron Burrows’ place on CI. OK, full disclosure – I don’t hate her. I actually think she’s cool. But Nichols has dialed it down a notch since she came along. He doesn’t seem to be “on” as much as he was with Wheeler (btw, where was THAT exit justice??), and I want him to be all “I’m right about everything, can’t you tell by the way I blink my eyes slowly and look pensive” again. He still does the blinking thing, but he doesn’t seem to be as quick on his feet with her. Anyway, I digress.

So look, my fellow L&O junkie, Cassie Ramirez, has written a guest post for us! I’M SO JAZZED!! So, without further ado, I pass along this very important message. Please be a gem and give her the same attention you give me.

Thank you. Amen.

By Cassie Ramirez

Dear Dick Wolf,

One thing I love about the Law & Order franchise (er, or brand, as you like to refer to it) is continuity, especially with character backstories.

For instance, Don Cragen went from the Homicide squad to SVU, with a stop in the Organized Crime Control Bureau before that (thank you, Exiled: A Law & Order Movie. Cue synthesizer music)In that time, his flight attendant wife, Marge, died, and his battle with alcoholism continued.  He even butted heads with ADA Paxton over Public Servants With Drinking Problems this season.


When Mike Logan made the move to the Major Case Squad, he was still known as That Cop Who Got Banished to Staten Island For Punching a Politician.  The mommy issues highlighted on the original series? Still there on CI. 

The original series itself makes constant references to cases from old episodes.  I won’t list them all here, but suffice it to say, overall, you’ve got yourself some good fact-checkers/researchers/coffee-getters (you wouldn’t happen to need another one, would you?).  Which brings me to my point.

This season on the original series, Ben Bratt reprised his role of Rey Curtis.  At his wife’s funeral, Rey mentions to Van Buren that after leaving the 27th precinct at the end of Season 9, he moved his family out to California.

Coincidentally…in Season 7’s “Judgment in L.A.” three-parter (you know, Lennie and Rey in Los Angeles, a young Lauren Graham hitting on Rey, Jamie and Jack going up against Jamie’s ex, Neil Gorton) Graham’s character, Lisa Lundquist, offers Rey a position as a movie consultant.  He’d get paid to make sure movies depicting any sort of police activity were accurate.  Rey, of course, turns her down. 

But perhaps…the fact that he’s now in California means that after exiting in Season 9 (because he needed more time and money to deal with his wife’s MS) he took Lundquist up on her offer. 

Either way, whether the mention this season was a case of continuity or pure coincidence, it’s the perfect reason to cast Ben Bratt in your newest addition to the L&O brand, Law & Order: Los Angeles.   Don’t forget, Ben won two Alma awards for his work as Rey Curtis and was part of the only cast in L&O history (Season 7) to win the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series. 

If that’s not enough, remember all the fangirls who tuned in weekly to see if he’d take his shirt off? We’re still out here and trust me, we’d still like to see that. 

– Cassie

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6/10/09: SVU Season Finale ROCKED!

Dear Dick Wolf:

I know this comes a week late, but I wanted to congratulate you on an AWESOME Law & Order: SVU season finale! Who saw THAT coming? I loved it. I’m a bit bummed that I won’t get to see hunky Ryan the technician anymore, since Stucky took him out, but I’m happy Stabler’s fine, and that both he and Benson will be returning next season. YAY! It was scary for a minute, but when I saw this tweet from Dr. Baer, I knew it was all good:


He’s talking about Meloni and Hargitay, isn’t he? He is, I know he is. I haven’t heard any formal announcement on their return, but from what I’ve read – negotiations are going well. THANK GOD. I really don’t know if I could keep watching if they left. You’d have to come up with a pretty top-notch team to replace them. Here are the couplings I would stick around for:

* Sam Rockwell and Lili Taylor

* Daniel Craig and Rose McGowan

* Peter Greene and Cate Blanchett

* Liev Schreiber and Martha Plimpton

* Brian F. O’Byrne and Uma Thurman (Although that might be a tough one to pull off, considering O’Byrne’s uber-significant guest star role as Liam Connors – but you could make it work.)

*Jason O’Mara and Gina Yates (Yes, me. Although quite frankly, I’d gladly pair up with any of these guys. I think O’Mara and I would have killer chemistry, though. He reminds me of a college crush.)

Now, I realize that a lot of these folks are busy movie stars and probably hard to get, which makes the O’Mara/Yates pairing that much more appealing. I come cheap and you could probably land him for a good price. Ooh, and maybe you could hire Lee Pace to fill the hunky tech guy void! He’s recently out of a television show, and nice to look at. I know, this is a lot of information for you to digest. I’ll let you think on it.

Oh, but I did want to mention Dr. Baer again. I’ve been trying to get him on our radio show. He’s given me a nugget of hope…



…but we haven’t managed to finalize anything yet. Maybe you could give him a call on your iPhone and encourage him to do the show? That would be great. You have an iPhone, right? I imagine it would come in very handy in New York. In fact, I’m going to get one before my visit next month. I already got a Flip cam, which you can expect I’ll be using for this blog soon. Maybe I’ll reenact some L&O scenes for you. In fact, maybe I’ll contact Jason O’Mara and see if he wants to do an audition video! I’m telling you, there would be chemistry. Trust me. Besides, we need a Law & Order: Los Angeles show. We’ve got plenty of crime.

Let me know if you talk to Dr. Baer. I’ll keep you posted on this end.

Thank you. Amen.


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Dear Dick Wolf:

Well done! Not that I had any doubt, but Law & Order will be back for yet another season, and now ties the record (with Gunsmoke, but you knew that) for the longest-running series on TV! Twenty seasons! Woo-hoo!

Now, not to be a killjoy, but The Simpsons has been renewed for two more seasons, and y’all are neck and neck. So, you’re going to have to use your influence to push for at least ONE MORE YEAR. I know you can do it. Maybe you should challenge Matt Groening to a celebrity smackdown. Show him who’s boss.

Besides, how can I be on your show if it goes away? I look forward to many, many more seasons. Preferably accompanied by paychecks.

Thank you. Let’s chat soon.


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5/6/09: Off the Radar Again

Dear Dick Wolf:

Surely you’ve noticed that I haven’t been blogging much. It’s nothing personal, I’m simply swamped and exhausted. Working seven days a week for the past two years is taking a toll. A huge toll. I still adore you. I still want to be on your show.

What’s with the new chick on SVU last night? Is she permanent? I liked her. I know that McManus is leaving for good, so maybe she’s in.

If not, I’m still available for the job. Let’s chat.

Thank you. Amen.

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3/9/09: Board Game!

Dear Dick Wolf:

Big news! My Law & Order board game has arrived!


I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. I haven’t read the directions yet, but it’s made for the 13-and-up crowd, so I should be good. Now, did you help create this game? If not, here’s a rundown of what’s inside:

First, there’s the board:


Looks pretty spiff!

Next up, the weapons/forensics/whodunit sheet:


Good mix of suspects! The Business Partner, the Gardener, a Crooked Cop. I especially like the Ex-Con Doorman. Good to know that an ex-con can still earn a decent paycheck at an upscale hotel. Too bad nobody told the guys from Shawshank. They probably would’ve preferred that to bagging groceries.


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2/1/09: Radio Show Audio!

Dear Dick Wolf:

Hi. I hope you enjoyed the Super Bowl.

I wanted to let you know that if you missed my radio appearance last week, my friend Mike put together some swell audio for you! I’ve posted it below. You can listen to it at your convenience.

We talked for nearly an hour about Law & Order! Surely that’s worth an under-five, right?


Vodpod videos no longer available.
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9/24/08: SVU Season Premiere

Dear Dick Wolf:

Ummm…. You know I adore you. I really do. That’s obvious, right? I’ve devoted an entire blog to you. I’m dying to be on your show, we’ve established this by now. You’re my hero (a title you share with my mom, Chris LeDoux and Meryl Streep, btw). So, now, don’t take this personally, but…ummm…can we talk about last night’s SVU season premiere for a minute? Yes, you say? OK good. {deep breath} Here goes…

Unimpressed. YIKES! I know, it hurts to type it. Now, it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t compelling (DISCLAIMER: subjective humble opinion). Yeah, we meet the new A.D.A., but I’m not buying her just yet. And NOT happy about the lingering handshake she shared with Elliot (watch it, girl). Fin’s sticking around – that’s good. Munch is THE BOMB, but what’s up with the bar bit? Unless he seriously plans on buying one sometime soon (do cops make that much??), it’s random. Elliot’s credit card fiasco was distracting. Its purpose was to what, foreshadow even more problems with his family life, since his daughter was the one who stole it? It was too much. And the whole “my foster kid has ADHD sooo bad that I need to secretly feed him experimental drugs” storyline seemed extraneous. Did it honestly have some significance to the story line and I missed it? Perhaps it did. I was drinking wine…Luke Perry looked great, and was charming enough, but his guilt was no surprise. Womp womp.


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9/5/08: So, You Googled the Supreme Court…

…and you landed here – excellent!

Hello, Supreme Court googlers! I notice I’ve been getting tons of hits from those of you wanting to brush up on our judicial system. I understand! These are exciting times. We have a historical race for the presidency underway, and I don’t blame you for wanting to do a little research on our federal government. I do, too! In fact, I’m taking a Political Science course at Los Angeles Valley College that starts next Monday. I didn’t pay much attention in high school. I was more concerned with why Jason Sexton was dating that butch chick with the glass eye instead of me. These days, however, I’m a little more intrigued by politics than I am by men (no offense, guys – I still adore you), so it’s back to school.

Anyway, I’ve figured out the reason you’re being directed to my blog. As you may have gathered, my intention is to woo TV mogul Dick Wolf so he’ll put me on his show Law & Order. Or one of the spin-offs, I’m not picky. I love them all. I’m addicted to them. I’m severely sleep deprived these days yet I still stayed up until 2 a.m. this morning watching reruns of SVU and Criminal Intent. I need an intervention, I admit it…So anyway, a couple of months ago I posted a link to a Supreme Court wire, because I thought Mr. Wolf would enjoy having it handy, and wrote a cute little post that included this picture:

Well, now the World Wide Web has linked this image to my blog. So, when you google “Supreme Court,” click on “images” and then click on this picture – here I am! Not a bad bit of detective work on my part, eh?

I don’t imagine this will be happening for long, but I welcome the new traffic – and you! So have a look around, enjoy a little Law & Order entertainment, and tell a friend about this website (DearDickWolf.com – you don’t even have to type the ‘wordpress’ part!) We must get word to Dick!

Thanks, googlers!

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8/21/08: Fans Still Clamoring for Casey!

Dear Dick Wolf:

Look, I know you’ve already made up your mind about this new McManus chick, but if she doesn’t work out, and you find another role for me, I’m on board the “Bring Casey Back” bus. She was awesome.

That’s all for today. The Vicodin has kicked in.


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7/27/08: Sound Effect Drama!

Dear Dick Wolf:

I thought it was DUHNT DUHNT. This says it’s DOINK DOINK:

I’m so confused. I’ve listened to it 83,000 times and I just don’t hear the “oink” part. My head is pounding. I need Tylenol. If you could clarify, that would be great.

Thank you. Amen.

P.S. That “All Things Law & Order” site is genius. You should check it out.

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6/19/08: Ultimate Happiness…And a Chai Tea Latte

Dear Dick Wolf:

Each of us has this idea of what our perfect life would look like. Whom we’d marry, how many kids we’d have (and what we’d name them), the ideal shape of our body, how much money we’d make, who our neighbors would be, the exact dimensions of our walk-in closet…Well, for as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to make a living as an actor. And yes, I’ll admit it, I have the dream of displaying a shiny gold statuette or two on my mantle. Who doesn’t want to be recognized for excelling at his or her passion? Well, that mantle is located in a beach house in Malibu, where I live with my cat Ariel, my pug Elvis, my husband Sam, and my amazing closet.

At least, that was my dream until recently.


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6/17/08: Go, Jack McCoy!!

Dear Dick Wolf:

Please tell Sam Waterston to BREAK A LEG tonight for his opening at the Delacorte Theatre! Polonius – what an AWESOME role!! He’ll be wonderful!! I wish I could see it – GRRRRR!! He will rule.

Did I tell you I directed a production of Hamlet? I did – last year. There’s a DVD of it floating around somewhere. Ophelia’s brother recorded it for us. Not Laertes, I mean the actress who played Ophelia’s brother. If you’d like to see it, let me know and I’ll track him down. We can watch it at my place. I’ll make popcorn. I hope you don’t mind if I invite my mom, too. She lives in Oregon and wasn’t able to see the show.

Anyway, enjoy tonight! I hope you were able to get tickets. Did you camp out? I did a couple of years ago for Mother Courage. It was fun.

Go, Sam!



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