4/1/10: R.I.P. Captain Danny Ross

Dear Dick Wolf:

I knew it was coming. I knew y’all were planning to kill off Ross on this week’s Criminal Intent. And OK, I’ve made my peace with it. But look, we’re talking about Bogosian here. He doesn’t do bland. Have you read his stuff? I finished Mall recently and DAMN. Dude is hardcore. Which makes me reeeeeally disappointed that he didn’t get a better death scene. If anyone deserved to go out in guns-blazing, words-flying, sweat-dripping glory, it was Ross. I mean seriously, my cat does a better pretend death scene than he got.


So yeah. He deserved better.

I was actually tweeting at you during the season premiere. Did you get my tweets? If not, here’s how the evening went down…

(Pay no attention to my bad grammar.)

(That was the Ross death tweet.)

(Well, he is.)

Please don’t make it lame.

Thank you. Amen.

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