1/1/09: 2008 In Review, 2009 In Progress…

Dear Dick Wolf:

Well, 2008 is officially over. 

I started off the year with the resolution that I would write a book, called Dear Dick Wolf: My Year of Living Cheap in L.A. and Wooing a TV Icon. It was all about trying to survive in L.A. on $50 dollars a week, for the entire year, whilst, as the title suggests, wooing a TV icon (that would be you). I’d planned to write about my madcap adventures as an actor, my shopping sprees at the $.99 Cents Only Store, and cramming in as many free movie screenings as I could. Look, here’s the prologue:

As that all-knowing, elusive entity we refer to only as “they” say, the best things in life are free. Personally, I’ve never scored a bag of Cheetos or a bottle of vodka without having to fork over my hard-earned cash, which makes me think that “they” are sorely mistaken in this case. Either that, or there’s a lot more to life than vodka and Cheetos, which I find baffling. However, I’m an optimist, although eight years of living in L.A. – the land of Botox, boobs and BMWs – has started to wear on me. I mean really, do BMW drivers even know that their vehicles COME WITH BLINKERS?! Of course, I’m only guessing here. I’ve never actually seen one. But if I were paying $800 dollars a month to LEASE a car, I’d make sure the f***ing thing had blinkers. Yeah, that’s right! I’m calling you out, jackwad BMW drivers of Los Angeles! USE YOUR BLINKERS, SLOW YOUR ASSES DOWN AND STOP CUTTING IN FRONT OF THOSE OF US WHO’D LIKE TO BE AROUND LONG ENOUGH TO SEE RICK SPRINGFIELD MAKE A COMEBACK!!! But, I digress…


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10/13/08: Backstory-er At Large!

Dear Dick Wolf:

It dawned on me as I was doing homework for my acting class today that I have a bit of a knack for writing backstories. Not to toot my own horn, but seriously – I can backstory with the best of ’em. I LOVE fleshing-out characters. Thank goodness, since, you know, it’s kind-of important when you’re an actor…So I thought, maybe I could be a backstory-er! There are a hundred-bazillion* actors in this town, many of whom are lazy and don’t want to do their homework. So, I could write their backstories for them! They get a fully fleshed-out character and I get a few bucks in my pocket. Hey, we all gotta do what we can in these struggling economic times.

Or, here’s a thought…I could help YOU! Do you need any backstories created for upcoming projects? I’m on it! I’m sure you want a sample, right? No problem! Here, take a look at this one I created for a monologue called “Truck” from the play Vital Signs:

Name: Ruby Jewel Knox
DOB: May 18, 1974
Birthplace: Covington, GA. Population: 8,147

I grew up in a double-wide trailer, an only child. My parents fought alot, dad was a drunk. Mom worked as a bartender – that’s how they met. They were nice to me for the most part growing up, it was each other they didn’t like.

I was a smart kid in school. A good writer, I won a lot of class awards for stories. Out teacher would assign a topic every week and we had to write a fictional story based on it. He used to put the best one in a frame and hang it in the front of the classroom. My stories were often picked as the best one. Some of the kids were snotty to me because of it, but I tried not to let it get to me. I knew they were jealous. At least, that’s what my mom always told me.


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9/23/08: Scene Day

Dear Dick Wolf:

Well, another big Scene Day at the Howard Fine Acting Studio has come and gone. It took place this past Sunday. Are you familiar with Scene Day? Perhaps Christopher Meloni told you about it, being an alum and all. If he didn’t, here’s the gist:

Twice a year, students are invited to perform scenes we’ve been working on in our respective classes. Some actors do monologues, some do three-person scenes, but for the most part, there are two of us on stage at any given time performing for the entire school, including Howard himself and the rest of the staff. Also, past students can attend…but that’s all. No friends, family members, etc. Only folks affiliated with the Studio.

My friend Nakisha and I put up a scene from the play Speaking in Tongues (GENIUS play). Five minutes of chaotic set up, five minutes of performing, two minutes of strike. BAM BAM BAM. And while we strike, the next scene sets up. It’s a rush for everyone involved.

So, how did our scene go, you ask? Well, here are a few comments we DIDN’T hear:


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