5/14/10: DIE, PEACOCK!!

Dear Dick Wolf:

HOW DARE THEY DENY YOU THE RECORD?! AARRGGHH!! OMG I will never watch TV ever again. Not as long as I live!! EVER!!

Well, at least not again today. FOR THE REST OF THE DAY! Ok, I may have to watch the Two and a Half Men 7:00-8pm block, but aside from that, NO TV! And especially not NBC! Die, Peacock!

DON’T THEY KNOW WHO YOU ARE?! This is madness! (Um, but I still want to be on LOLA, OK? I can totally fake it and hate them in secret.)

The end of an era. You had a hell of a run, Mr. Wolf. Congrats on 20 years of one of the best shows in the history of television. You rule.

I have to go cry now.


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