4/20/10: Guest Post Debut!

Dear Dick Wolf:

So as you’ve probably noticed, I’m not the most consistent blogger. I always have things I want to write to you about – the Goren/Eames exit…the recent birth of your new baby…Law & Order coming to Los Angeles – but at the moment I’m working on finishing a play, and I’ve made it my top priority. Not that I wouldn’t take an immediate hiatus if you needed me to, oh, I don’t know, take Saffron Burrows’ place on CI. OK, full disclosure – I don’t hate her. I actually think she’s cool. But Nichols has dialed it down a notch since she came along. He doesn’t seem to be “on” as much as he was with Wheeler (btw, where was THAT exit justice??), and I want him to be all “I’m right about everything, can’t you tell by the way I blink my eyes slowly and look pensive” again. He still does the blinking thing, but he doesn’t seem to be as quick on his feet with her. Anyway, I digress.

So look, my fellow L&O junkie, Cassie Ramirez, has written a guest post for us! I’M SO JAZZED!! So, without further ado, I pass along this very important message. Please be a gem and give her the same attention you give me.

Thank you. Amen.

By Cassie Ramirez

Dear Dick Wolf,

One thing I love about the Law & Order franchise (er, or brand, as you like to refer to it) is continuity, especially with character backstories.

For instance, Don Cragen went from the Homicide squad to SVU, with a stop in the Organized Crime Control Bureau before that (thank you, Exiled: A Law & Order Movie. Cue synthesizer music)In that time, his flight attendant wife, Marge, died, and his battle with alcoholism continued.  He even butted heads with ADA Paxton over Public Servants With Drinking Problems this season.


When Mike Logan made the move to the Major Case Squad, he was still known as That Cop Who Got Banished to Staten Island For Punching a Politician.  The mommy issues highlighted on the original series? Still there on CI. 

The original series itself makes constant references to cases from old episodes.  I won’t list them all here, but suffice it to say, overall, you’ve got yourself some good fact-checkers/researchers/coffee-getters (you wouldn’t happen to need another one, would you?).  Which brings me to my point.

This season on the original series, Ben Bratt reprised his role of Rey Curtis.  At his wife’s funeral, Rey mentions to Van Buren that after leaving the 27th precinct at the end of Season 9, he moved his family out to California.

Coincidentally…in Season 7’s “Judgment in L.A.” three-parter (you know, Lennie and Rey in Los Angeles, a young Lauren Graham hitting on Rey, Jamie and Jack going up against Jamie’s ex, Neil Gorton) Graham’s character, Lisa Lundquist, offers Rey a position as a movie consultant.  He’d get paid to make sure movies depicting any sort of police activity were accurate.  Rey, of course, turns her down. 

But perhaps…the fact that he’s now in California means that after exiting in Season 9 (because he needed more time and money to deal with his wife’s MS) he took Lundquist up on her offer. 

Either way, whether the mention this season was a case of continuity or pure coincidence, it’s the perfect reason to cast Ben Bratt in your newest addition to the L&O brand, Law & Order: Los Angeles.   Don’t forget, Ben won two Alma awards for his work as Rey Curtis and was part of the only cast in L&O history (Season 7) to win the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series. 

If that’s not enough, remember all the fangirls who tuned in weekly to see if he’d take his shirt off? We’re still out here and trust me, we’d still like to see that. 

– Cassie

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  1. So where do we send the letters to get Cassie hired as head of continuity for LOLA?

    Let’s make this happen!

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