3/16/10: Online Dating Profile

Dear Dick Wolf:

So, the guys I do radio with keep threatening to write an online dating profile for me since..you know…my eggs are drying up. Well, one of our favorite listeners, @aboynamedart, weighed in on what it should entail:

In the online dating system, relationship-based offenses are particularly heinous. In Los Angeles, the dedicated women who try to avoid these vicious failures are members of an elite squad known as the Serial Dating Unit. These are Gina’s stories.

Now, if only we can get Steven Zirnkilton to voice it. Can you help out with that? My next relationship may depend on it.

Thank you. Amen.

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  1. Hahaha I kinda think this is my life, or it would be if I got out there & mingled with actual people etc. But I am too damned lazy for that.

    So I experience all my bad dates vicariously through a friend. Who is male. I get to hear about the awful girls he finds and since I’m straight I envision their male equivalents and put the whole thing off a little longer.

    What my friend gets is a chance to vent…I don’t think I give him very good advice mostly cause I’m in shock & awe at how bad his luck is and maybe possibly how bad it really is out there in the dating pool. I’m happy to stay in a lounge chair beside the dating pool, dozing off in the sun with someone to occasionally nudge me & remind me to turn over/ put on some sunscreen / cover up so I don’t burn thanks.

    It works for me and it also gets me out of the ‘growing completely up, getting married, getting a boring job, having kids & settling down’ trap.

    Gina you’re braver than me…in the SDU I’d probably be a librarian/researcher extra-type handing you a file and possible saying my one tiny line (‘For you’ or some such blah thing) before zipping right off camera & the dating radar.

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