2/24/10: New Logo With The Wheat Things

Dear Dick Wolf:

I forgot to tell you! Our radio show is a finalist for The Shorty Awards! They’re like the Oscars of Twitter. Our category? INNOVATION! Here’s a brief overview:

Cool, huh? Now we can post a fancy logo with the wheat things on our website. You know, like they do for official film festival selections and stuff? It looks so impressive.

Now that I’m a Shorty Awards finalist, you may want to schedule me for a guest star role on Law & Order. It’s OK, my fee is still the same (scale), despite my slight rise in popularity.

I’m available at your earliest convenience.

Thank you. Amen.

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2/13/10: Leader of the Pack

Dear Dick Wolf:

Question: Before you signed off on the iconic Law & Order theme song we all know and love, did you happen to run it by…YOUR DOG? I ask because it appears that man’s best friend has a unique fascination with the doink doink music. Allow me to put on my Assistant DA hat and present…

Exhibit A: 

Exhibit B:

And perhaps my personal favorite – Exhibit C, the Doberman:

Notice how he cranes his left ear toward the television after that first doink doink? He’s clearly a fan of your work.

And these dogs are just a small sample. Check out this handy “Pups & Order” webpage. It’s hours of fun.

Big thanks to Nina Bargiel – a.k.a. the Slackmistress – who turned me on to this phenomenon. Being a cat person, I had no idea. Perhaps her own pup, Daisy J. Dog, likes to sing along, too.

What’s more, this howling is apparently a throwback to their wolf roots. It’s what wolves do to establish their kinship with a pack. To communicate with each other. Get it? WOLF! That’s you! They’re calling out to you. They’re showing their camaraderie. They’re on board the Law & Order bus.

So congratulations, Alpha Male. You’re #1 among dogs 25 – 54.


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