11/11/09: Thank You, Soldiers

Dear Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel:

Thank you. For your bravery, your loyalty and your patriotism. For putting yourselves in harm’s way so that we may wake up every day feeling protected and loved.  For being selfless examples of what it means to stand by and stand up for your fellow man. There truly are no words to express how deeply grateful I am for what you have done, and continue to do, for me, for my loved ones and for all Americans. I salute you. Not just today, but every single day that I live in this country, enjoying the freedoms that I have because of your sacrifices.

Thank you, thank you.




women soldiers



There’s pride in every American heart…


My Uncle Mike, a Vietnam Vet, and a hero.

With Gratitude Always,
Gina Yates
Los Angeles, CA.

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11/10/09: HAHAHAHA!!

Dear Dick Wolf:

Listen to this!! I laughed so hard!!

It’s from a comedian named John Mulaney, maybe you’ve heard it already. I hadn’t before today. It was sent to me by my friend Will, who gets an A+ for enabling me regarding my L&O obsession hobby. He has a groovy blog, too. You should check it out. He’s more consistent than I am about writing.

And seriously, the bit about the guy who won’t stop unloading crates? SPOT! ON! What’s up with that, anyway? HOW DO THEY REMAIN SO CALM WHEN QUESTIONED BY THE POLICE?! I’d be frozen. And then there’s the whole, “I gotta get back to work or my boss’ll kill me.” Hello?! The cops are questioning you, dude! YOU GO WHEN THEY SAY YOU CAN GO!

Oh, and how is it that everyone knows to ask for a lawyer, even if they’ve never been arrested before? Is there a civilian/police handbook I don’t know about? Please email me the Amazon link. I need to get my hands on that.

Thank you. Amen.

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