6/28/09: Milestone! Addendum



Courtesy of @slackmistress. This is why we love her.

Dear Dick Wolf:

I’m not really a stalker.

Thank you. Amen.

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6/27/09: Milestone!

Dear Dick Wolf:

Check this out!



Now, I don’t know if that’s a big deal in the overall blogosphere, but I think it’s pretty cool. And I’m guessing that a lot of those visits are from you, so thanks!

I often get hits from people searching for Chris Sarandon, as you can see. But I have to say, “20 ugly hamburgers” is a new one. I’ve never seen an ugly hamburger in my life.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know, and say thanks for reading. I’ll be in New York next week if you’d like to schedule an audition. Or have coffee with me and my mom. She’d totally be up for it. Let me know.

Thank you! Amen.

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6/25/09: Two Legends Gone

When Kurt Cobain died, I was in Alice Springs, Australia. I was sitting outdoors at a cafe, and I remember someone saying, “Kurt Cobain killed himself!”…When Diana died, I was in the middle of a shift at The Wild River Brewery in Grants Pass, Oregon. The bossy waitress with the long blonde hair told us. I don’t remember her name…The day Johnny Cash died, I was driving to work and heard it on the radio. I immediately called my boyfriend at the time, the biggest Cash fan I’ve ever known. He had just heard also, and was in tears. During our years together, I heard him cry only four times. That was the first.

I was never much of a Nirvana fan, but Kurt’s death was a huge deal for our generation. Princess Diana had been a symbol of my childhood. Her wedding to Prince Charles was one of the biggest events of my young life. And Johnny Cash…well, what can I say? He was the Man in Black. A country music legend who was loved by everyone. I didn’t grieve for him the way my ex did, the way many people did that day. I was saddened, but at the same time I was happy that he was finally going to be with his beloved June, whom he’d lost just a few months earlier. Johnny without June just didn’t feel right – so he made it right. 

And now, Michael Jackson. Yes, I’m a Gen-Xer who grew up listening to his music (I owned Thriller on 8-track), and teaching myself to moonwalk (which I can do VERY well, btw). I bought the teen mags with his posters, because let’s face it – early 80’s Michael was HOT. I had a crush on him. My friend Bernadette had a crush on him. My cousin Erica had a crush on him. And I think if he would’ve just kept the nose he had in the Say, Say, Say video (and the hair and the skin tone), he might have even been hot until the day he died.

Which, sadly, is today.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t listen to his music much after high school. But when I was a teenager, he was there. Constantly. He ruled Casey Kasem’s American Top 40. I remember when Billie Jean was in the number one spot week, after week, after week. It was my favorite song at the time, and I cheered when Casey played it…Then there were the videos. No one danced in their videos like Michael did. Beat It, Billie Jean, Bad, Smooth Criminal – they hearken back to a day when MTV was good. And of course, Thriller. The indisputable iconic video of the 80’s (but I have to say, A-ha’s Take on Me is a close second). The first time I watched it, I just sat there, open-mouthed. IT. WAS. AWESOME. The most awesome video I’d ever seen. In fact, it probably still is, since I stopped watching videos about 20 years ago.

Yes, I mourned today for what felt like the death of my childhood. But what truly saddens me is how alone Michael seems to have been. He never found someone to share his life with. A partner. His June Carter Cash. His Ryan O’Neal*. He had his children, his fame and his legacy, but he seemed lonely. I know lonely, a lot of us do. It hurts. I can’t imagine dealing with intense loneliness yet being in the public eye every second of your life. I’m disappointed that I didn’t have more compassion for him while he was here.

I hope he’s remembered well.

(August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

*Also, R.I.P. Farrah Fawcett, whose passing today was quickly overshadowed by the news of Michael. An icon in her own right, I will strive for the rest of my life to have hair as fabulous as hers. Also, she RULED in Extremities. My thoughts to her family, friends and fans.

(February 2, 1947 – June 25, 2009)

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6/22/09: I Blipped You!

Dear Dick Wolf:

I recently discovered BLIP. It’s a website that basically makes you a superstar DJ. You search for a song, and if it’s on Blip, you can post it to your Twitter! And guess what? The Law & Order theme song is on there! Excellent! So, I blipped you.

You’re welcome.

P.S. I also blipped Concrete Blonde, so you’re in good company.



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6/16/09: TORTURE

Dear Dick Wolf:

Aarrgghh! So, my friend Jason issued another dare today. You remember the first one – the Bleunami Showdown? Well, this time he challenged me to do something much more nauseating than eating a greasy, two-pound hamburger. I had to sit through an episode of The Hills.


Actually, it wasn’t even a full episode – the challenge was two minutes. And I may as well have been flogged.

Seriously – who ARE these people? I don’t know any of them. Well, I’ve heard of “Speidi” – the Spencer/Heidi concoction. But only because they were on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here with two gals I work with, Frangela. And according to the ladies, Speidi is crazy. But honestly, all one has to do is sit through 9 minutes and 5 seconds of The Hills (I actually lasted that long) to figure it out. And the sad part is – people in Los Angeles are REALLY LIKE THIS. I’m not surprised you’ve chosen New York. Broadway talent vs. reality stars? Gee, let me think about it.

Anyway, I watched the latest Criminal Intent after it was over, to cleanse myself. And I have to say – I’ve always loved Jeff Goldblum, but he’s simply dreamy in this role. A tall, dark and handsome shrink-turned-cop? Sign me up. He’s single, right? If you could put in a good word for me, I’d appreciate it.

Thank you. Amen.

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6/10/09: SVU Season Finale ROCKED!

Dear Dick Wolf:

I know this comes a week late, but I wanted to congratulate you on an AWESOME Law & Order: SVU season finale! Who saw THAT coming? I loved it. I’m a bit bummed that I won’t get to see hunky Ryan the technician anymore, since Stucky took him out, but I’m happy Stabler’s fine, and that both he and Benson will be returning next season. YAY! It was scary for a minute, but when I saw this tweet from Dr. Baer, I knew it was all good:


He’s talking about Meloni and Hargitay, isn’t he? He is, I know he is. I haven’t heard any formal announcement on their return, but from what I’ve read – negotiations are going well. THANK GOD. I really don’t know if I could keep watching if they left. You’d have to come up with a pretty top-notch team to replace them. Here are the couplings I would stick around for:

* Sam Rockwell and Lili Taylor

* Daniel Craig and Rose McGowan

* Peter Greene and Cate Blanchett

* Liev Schreiber and Martha Plimpton

* Brian F. O’Byrne and Uma Thurman (Although that might be a tough one to pull off, considering O’Byrne’s uber-significant guest star role as Liam Connors – but you could make it work.)

*Jason O’Mara and Gina Yates (Yes, me. Although quite frankly, I’d gladly pair up with any of these guys. I think O’Mara and I would have killer chemistry, though. He reminds me of a college crush.)

Now, I realize that a lot of these folks are busy movie stars and probably hard to get, which makes the O’Mara/Yates pairing that much more appealing. I come cheap and you could probably land him for a good price. Ooh, and maybe you could hire Lee Pace to fill the hunky tech guy void! He’s recently out of a television show, and nice to look at. I know, this is a lot of information for you to digest. I’ll let you think on it.

Oh, but I did want to mention Dr. Baer again. I’ve been trying to get him on our radio show. He’s given me a nugget of hope…



…but we haven’t managed to finalize anything yet. Maybe you could give him a call on your iPhone and encourage him to do the show? That would be great. You have an iPhone, right? I imagine it would come in very handy in New York. In fact, I’m going to get one before my visit next month. I already got a Flip cam, which you can expect I’ll be using for this blog soon. Maybe I’ll reenact some L&O scenes for you. In fact, maybe I’ll contact Jason O’Mara and see if he wants to do an audition video! I’m telling you, there would be chemistry. Trust me. Besides, we need a Law & Order: Los Angeles show. We’ve got plenty of crime.

Let me know if you talk to Dr. Baer. I’ll keep you posted on this end.

Thank you. Amen.


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