4/16/09: Life Lesson #141

How To Plan a Trip to NYC With Your Mother


(Via email. When she’s taking the train from one city and you’re taking a plane from another.)


Mom: The train station is only .9 mile from our hotel! Which airport are you going to?

Me: I’m flying into JFK. I’ll get in at roughly 5:30 (pm). Just call me when you arrive and I can meet you in a cab at the train station!

Mom: I get there at 7:25. It’s close enough, I can walk.

Me: It’s a mile and it’s going to be dark! And you’ll have luggage! And you’re a first-time tourist! No way. I will meet you there.

Mom: OK, but it probably won’t be dark in July and I’m traveling light!

Me: I will meet you, crazy mom. Walk alone with luggage through Times Square at night? Would you let me do that?

Mom: Good point! I will meet you there!

Me: YAY! I love you!

Mom: The airport is 18 miles from the hotel, I just map quested it.

Me: It’s OK, mom. I’ll take a cab.


Dear Dick Wolf:

Mom has decided to come to New York with me. I obviously need to sit her down for a Law & Order marathon before our trip. If you have any additional words of caution for her, please feel free to leave a comment.

Thank you. Amen.

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  1. Hilarious! Especially the conversational use of the exclamation point. 🙂

  2. That is SO funny! I love your Mom!

  3. I’m sorry, I have to comment again. I love your blog! I am wondering if I know peeps who know peeps who know Dick Wolfe. I will work on this for you. I am hoping same peeps, etc, know my fake bf Anderson Cooper. If it all works out maybe Anderson will interview me about how I connected you to Dick. (Oh, now that made me laugh but you know what I mean!) I will be in touch if anything come up. (HA!)

    • Hey Betsy!

      Still working on it. Sorry for the delay in responding to this!!

      Anderson Cooper is dreamy 😉


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