3/9/09: Board Game!

Dear Dick Wolf:

Big news! My Law & Order board game has arrived!


I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. I haven’t read the directions yet, but it’s made for the 13-and-up crowd, so I should be good. Now, did you help create this game? If not, here’s a rundown of what’s inside:

First, there’s the board:


Looks pretty spiff!

Next up, the weapons/forensics/whodunit sheet:


Good mix of suspects! The Business Partner, the Gardener, a Crooked Cop. I especially like the Ex-Con Doorman. Good to know that an ex-con can still earn a decent paycheck at an upscale hotel. Too bad nobody told the guys from Shawshank. They probably would’ve preferred that to bagging groceries.

Then we have the WEAPON cards:


Was the victim run over? Bashed with a shovel? Get ready to crime-solve!

Which, of course, leads us to:


Poor Greg Johnson. Luckily, it looks like we might get some DNA from that cigarette butt.

Then there are the SCALES OF JUSTICE cards:


(Pay no attention to the cat paw.)

On the back of these, the murderer is revealed. I’m assuming that at this point, we learn which player has guessed correctly, thus winning the game.

Oh, and let’s not forget the game pieces:


OK, seriously? These are supposed to represent detectives? They look like they were stolen from the game Sorry.


I was hoping for a mini Chris Meloni action figure or something. But no worries, I’ll let it slide.

So, I am now in the process of casting players for the inaugural Game Night. I have received quite a few impressive headshots! I’m still going through them, so I will keep you posted. Game Night is TBA at the moment, but as soon as I pick a date, I’ll let you know. Hopefully you can join us! I’ll be happy to make my signature pasta salad for you.

That’s all for now. I must go read up on how to play this game, so I can win.

Take care. Amen.

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  1. okay i have this game too!! and i cant find my instructions haha could u possibly email them to me ;o)

    • HA! Hilarious!!! I say make up your own rules. First one to solve the crime gets a date with Stabler 😉

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