3/9/09: Board Game!

Dear Dick Wolf:

Big news! My Law & Order board game has arrived!


I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. I haven’t read the directions yet, but it’s made for the 13-and-up crowd, so I should be good. Now, did you help create this game? If not, here’s a rundown of what’s inside:

First, there’s the board:


Looks pretty spiff!

Next up, the weapons/forensics/whodunit sheet:


Good mix of suspects! The Business Partner, the Gardener, a Crooked Cop. I especially like the Ex-Con Doorman. Good to know that an ex-con can still earn a decent paycheck at an upscale hotel. Too bad nobody told the guys from Shawshank. They probably would’ve preferred that to bagging groceries.


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3/4/09: The Incomparable Queen of Country Music

Dear Dick Wolf:

I don’t know if you’re much of a country music fan. Growing up in New York, you may not have been exposed to it much. In fact, I don’t even think there’s a country station in NYC at the moment, is there? I couldn’t find one last time I was there. And the country music station here in L.A. always boasts about being the “most listened to country station in America.” Well, we’re market number two – y’all over there in the Big Apple are number one. So, if the number two market is the biggest for country music, that would lead me to believe that the number one market simply doesn’t cater to the hick crowd.

But me, well, I grew up hick. In a very small town in Oregon called Keno (last population tally: 1,059). One bar – the Whoa Tavern (my mom tended bar there), one supermarket – the Keno Food Center, one small store – the Keno Store, and Keno Elementary School, which went up to the third grade. After that, kids were bussed to Klamath Falls, a bigger city a few miles away. There was also a church, a florist, a small cafe, a pizza parlor that served sarsaparilla, a feed store, post office, hair salon, and a baseball field (I was on a softball team for many years and we practiced there). I can remember just three stoplights, although there may have been more. The Keno Food Center had a small arcade – I played a lot of Mario Brothers, Centipede and Q-bert. And the Keno Store had AWESOME chicken salad. And Jo-Jos! Have you ever had those? They’re dee-lish. Big fat french fries. Dip them in ranch dressing and you’ll swear you’re in food heaven.

Well, when I was growing up in this small town of Keno, my parents liked to listen to KLAD, the local country station. Being a child of the 80’s, totally in love with Simon LeBon and the rest of the Duran Duran boys, I couldn’t stand all that twangy crap. I would beg dad to change the station to KTMT, which played      Top-40 hits. The Bangles, Debbie Gibson, the Thompson Twins, Tiffany, The Cars…you get the picture. The COOL music. But he liked the country songs. So, when we were in the truck, I was forced to listen.


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