2/6/09: Bleunami Showdown

Dear Dick Wolf:

When you visit the sets of L&O, do you ever play games with the cast and crew? Not like Hide-and-Seek or Duck-Duck-Goose, but stupid adult games? You know, like seeing who can eat the most donuts from the craft services table, or who can say the alphabet backwards after a few mimosas? (I can do that, btw.) Maybe Chris Meloni does the whole, “Go ahead, punch me in the stomach! It doesn’t hurt! C’mon, I dare ya! Go ahead! OOH… haha! See? Didn’t even feel it!” thing.

Well, the folks in our office get caught up in these sorta games.

There’s web guy Mike, who swore he could eat 40 chicken McNuggets in one afternoon.


He fell a few short.

Production guy Steve decided to give it a go, too….It didn’t end well.


Public relations gal Christina lost a bet and had to come to work dressed as The Black Canary.


And production queen Elizabeth made us throw a birthday party for Mr. T.


I don’t have documentation of The Saltine Challenge, during which these wacky folks tried to eat six saltine crackers in a minute. Maybe next time…

Well, today I have fallen into the trap. Engineer Jason bet me that I couldn’t eat an entire Bleunami Burger from Islands.


If I lose, I owe the office pie. I bring pie anyway, so I’m really in it just to prove Jason wrong. I may clock in at only 110 pounds, but I can eat. Mother Nature gave me a killer metabolism.

So, the challenge is on. Today. Islands. 2pm. Engineer Jason is going down. Just like that burger.

I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you. Amen.

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  1. I’ve eaten at Islands before… ack. Sounds like if you win, you still lose.

  2. Ha! The experience was quite good, actually! But then again, the only thing I WON’T eat is black licorice. I’m not fussy 😉

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