1/13/09: Needed: One ‘Get Outta Court Free’ Card

Dear Dick Wolf:

We need your help. 

I write for a syndicated radio show. We have 317 affiliates. We’re kind-of a big deal, according to Arbitron (and my mom*). Every day, we dispense information that saves lives. Well OK, maybe not every day, but we’ve been known to. In fact, I wrote a piece one time on what to do if you’re having a heart attack. Well, one of our listeners started having a heart attack while listening to that very segment. (I realize that sounds like I was responsible, but I wasn’t.) She listened to the advice – which was to cough. A single cough every 1 to 2 seconds, in bouts of 5 coughs. Pause, and then repeat the sequence until help arrives. Why? Because the pumping action caused by the coughing helps push blood through the body. The coughs can also help the person stay conscious, and even regain an effective heartbeat.

So, the woman did this and it saved her life. She wrote a letter to the show, and we got a big write-up in R&R. Yeah, that’s cool and all, but the main thing is – we literally saved someone’s life. We’ve also shared tips that have helped people lose weight, patch up romances, ace job interviews, yada yada yada. You get the picture.

Well, here’s the problem. We’re a pretty small crew – about 12 full-time employees. And our fantastic Production Coordinator, Elizabeth, has just been put on jury duty. For 15 days.


(This is Elizabeth, pleading for your help.)

Personally, I would LOVE to spend 15 days in a courtroom, serving on a jury. I’ve watched so much Law & Order that I’d make an excellent juror! I would probably even ask to be the foreperson. I could totally handle it. And I know Elizabeth would make an excellent juror, too. However, if she serves, that means she’s going to have to come in after she gets out of court and do her production work, since she has no back-up person to fill in for her. For one thing, I’m concerned about her health. This will exhaust her. For another thing, it’ll make getting our show on the air more difficult. And, you know, America needs us, according to Arbitron (and my mom*).

Now, I know this isn’t any of your concern, but I’m asking for your help. Our Executive Producer wrote a letter to the judge, hoping to excuse Elizabeth from jury duty, but I doubt it’s going to do any good. It is, after all, a civic duty. But, if YOU could write a letter on her behalf, the judge might listen. Why? Well, you’ve created one of the most successful TV show franchises of all time – and it’s about THE LAW! Surely the judge watches. Surely he or she knows that you’re the reason most people want to serve on a jury. You’ve put a spotlight on how exciting it can be! How meaningful it is. The judicial system owes you.

So, I’m asking for your help. For Elizabeth. For our radio show. For America.

You can email the letter to me and I’ll make sure the judge gets it: totallygina@hotmail.com.

Thank you! Amen.


* (My mom, when she was pregnant with me 🙂 )

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  1. I honestly feel sorry for the judge. He has no idea what he’s dealing with.

    I have a feeling after a day or so, he’ll have had his fill of Mr. T talk, and she will be excused.

  2. Maybe the judge knows Mr. T. Maybe they’re friends. With a little luck, this could work to Elizabeth’s advantage.

    Who’s taking care of Chia T in her absence?

  3. I think Chia T died about a year ago. Not enough sunlight. Not enough Chia love.

  4. Okay – so you were even a cute baby bump! What’s up with that? Some people are just destined I guess?

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