1/26/09: Press Release!

Dear Dick Wolf:

Check it out! The official press release for tonight’s radio appearance:



Popular Blog Targeting TV Mogul Dick Wolf to Be Featured On LA Talk Radio.


Los Angeles, CA – January 26, 2009– Tonight, Internet broadcasting provider LA Talk Radio will be interviewing Gina Yates, author of the entertainment blog Dear Dick Wolf.


Yates, who lives in Los Angeles, created the blog as an open plea to Dick Wolf, creator and producer of the Law & Order television franchise. Yates, a professionally trained stage actress, is a huge fan of Wolf’s and hopes to land a role on one of his legal dramas.


Yates will be featured on The Sheena Metal Experience at 6 p.m. PST.


LA TALK RADIO brings you the most innovative radio programming on the Web. Sometimes informative, occasionally uplifting, often in-your-face irreverent, and always entertaining. All shows are broadcast and archived in CD-quality audio.


As described by Blog Catalog: DearDickWolf.com is one actress’s open plea to Dick Wolf, creator of the hugely successful Law & Order franchise. “Dear Dick Wolf: Please put me on Law & Order. Thank You. Amen.” Please help her get word to Dick!


Listen live, 6 p.m. PST at http://www.latalkradio.com/live.shtml


For more information: www.nowcasting.com/GinaYates


Awesome!! Don’t forget to call in: 818-602-4929


Thank you. Amen.

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1/25/09: Extra! Extra!

Dear Dick Wolf:

NEWSFLASH!!!! I will be on LA Talk Radio tomorrow night talking about this blog! Sweet!


Show: The Sheena Metal Experience.

You can listen live HERE. I’ll be on at 6 p.m.

Give us a call: 818-602-4929. That would be cool since, you know, you’re the subject and all 😉

Thank you! Amen.

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1/22/09: Oscar Noms and Heath


Dear Dick Wolf:


Did you watch the Oscar nominations this morning?!  I did. I find it exciting to get up and watch them live! They come on at 5:30am here. Not the most desirable hour, but once a year I can handle it. On your end, 8:30am isn’t so bad, right? Unless you were up late last night celebrating being you or something. If that’s the case, I hope you slept in.


So, they were pretty much as expected (THE LIST). I was really hoping that Liev Schreiber would get a Supporting Actor nod for Defiance  – he was brilliant and it would have been his first.




I’m also surprised that Michael Sheen has been getting zero recognition for Frost/Nixon.




He was fantastic! Arrogant, funny, vulnerable. As an actor, I truly enjoyed watching him work. And from what I hear about David Frost (my mom has the original interviews on DVD), he nailed the man perfectly. And it’s Frost’s story as much as it is, if not more so than, Nixon’s. Langella technically should be in the supporting category, in my opinion, but he’s a veteran and he’s amazing in the role, so I’m not complaining. Glad to see him in the line-up.


Although, I’m throwing my support behind Mickey Rourke.





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1/20/09: History Has Been Made


Congratulations, President Obama.

May you be blessed with the strength, courage, compassion and conviction to make the United States a better nation, and the world a better place.

The Speech

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1/19/09: Sundance

Dear Dick Wolf:

Are you at Sundance? My friend Josh’s girlfriend Fatima (stay with me) is there and she says she’s been hearing rumblings that you’re involved with one of the projects, and that you might be in the vicinity. See:


She tweeted me. Remember, I told you about Twitter? Oh, and those aren’t misspellings, they’re “creative abbreviations.” You’ve gotta condense when you’re on Twitter, because you only get 140 characters to get your message across. Brent Spiner put it best:


Oh, he’s a clever one that Mr. Spiner. He’s only been tweeting for 4 days and already he has over 10,000 followers! See, you really should get a Twitter account. It’s a great way to promote this new project of yours. A lot of celebs are on it. Some are even addicted to it. I think Lance Armstrong needs a Twittervention. He’s ALWAYS on it. Posting pictures usually. I don’t know how he finds time to ride his bike.

So, back to Sundance. If an adorable little brunette comes up to you and tells you about my blog, that’s Fatima. She’s a sweetheart. Oh, and she also tells me that our guy Chris Meloni is there!


So, that’s cool! You and Chris are both there. And I’m here in California…sitting on the computer and telling you about my friend’s girlfriend who’s…there, in Utah. Hobnobbing with y’all at Sundance…while I’m…here. Huh. OK, well, I’m not jealous or anything. I mean, this is Hollywood. Maybe I’ll run into Vincent D’Onofrio in Whole Foods during lunch, or Courtney B. Vance at Rite-Aid. Or Sam Rockwell at Ralphs. Oh, wait a minute:


No, no I won’t. Because apparently SAM ROCKWELL is at Sundance, too! UNBELIEVABLE. And what’s up with bragging about how good he smells, Fatima?? That’s kind-of jerky. Yeah, so you’re at Sundance with my three favorite men in Hollywood. BIG DEAL! It’s not like you’re going to have lunch with them or anything…


Oh, sure. Now she’s trying to be all buddy-buddy with me. Whatever, Fatima! I never liked you much anyway.

So, Mr. Wolf, if this annoying little brunette comes up to you mumbling some nonsense about my blog, tell her to stay away from Sam Rockwell and get back home to her own boyfriend instead of hitting on mine! The floozy.

Thank you. Amen.

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1/13/09: Needed: One ‘Get Outta Court Free’ Card

Dear Dick Wolf:

We need your help. 

I write for a syndicated radio show. We have 317 affiliates. We’re kind-of a big deal, according to Arbitron (and my mom*). Every day, we dispense information that saves lives. Well OK, maybe not every day, but we’ve been known to. In fact, I wrote a piece one time on what to do if you’re having a heart attack. Well, one of our listeners started having a heart attack while listening to that very segment. (I realize that sounds like I was responsible, but I wasn’t.) She listened to the advice – which was to cough. A single cough every 1 to 2 seconds, in bouts of 5 coughs. Pause, and then repeat the sequence until help arrives. Why? Because the pumping action caused by the coughing helps push blood through the body. The coughs can also help the person stay conscious, and even regain an effective heartbeat.

So, the woman did this and it saved her life. She wrote a letter to the show, and we got a big write-up in R&R. Yeah, that’s cool and all, but the main thing is – we literally saved someone’s life. We’ve also shared tips that have helped people lose weight, patch up romances, ace job interviews, yada yada yada. You get the picture.

Well, here’s the problem. We’re a pretty small crew – about 12 full-time employees. And our fantastic Production Coordinator, Elizabeth, has just been put on jury duty. For 15 days.


(This is Elizabeth, pleading for your help.)


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1/4/09: By The Way…I’m a Little Famous

Dear Dick Wolf:

Did you get your Twitter account yet? I asked you about it back in May, remember. Maybe you got side-tracked. No big whoop, you can still sign-up.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I made my friend Jason’s Top 10 Tweeps of 2008 list! Cool, huh? And he’s pretty selective, so that means I’m highly entertaining.

Just thought I’d let you know in case you wanted to strike while the iron is hot. I’m available for an audition at your earliest convenience.

Thank you. Amen.


(snapshot of a semi-famous Twitterer’s page)

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1/1/09: 2008 In Review, 2009 In Progress…

Dear Dick Wolf:

Well, 2008 is officially over. 

I started off the year with the resolution that I would write a book, called Dear Dick Wolf: My Year of Living Cheap in L.A. and Wooing a TV Icon. It was all about trying to survive in L.A. on $50 dollars a week, for the entire year, whilst, as the title suggests, wooing a TV icon (that would be you). I’d planned to write about my madcap adventures as an actor, my shopping sprees at the $.99 Cents Only Store, and cramming in as many free movie screenings as I could. Look, here’s the prologue:

As that all-knowing, elusive entity we refer to only as “they” say, the best things in life are free. Personally, I’ve never scored a bag of Cheetos or a bottle of vodka without having to fork over my hard-earned cash, which makes me think that “they” are sorely mistaken in this case. Either that, or there’s a lot more to life than vodka and Cheetos, which I find baffling. However, I’m an optimist, although eight years of living in L.A. – the land of Botox, boobs and BMWs – has started to wear on me. I mean really, do BMW drivers even know that their vehicles COME WITH BLINKERS?! Of course, I’m only guessing here. I’ve never actually seen one. But if I were paying $800 dollars a month to LEASE a car, I’d make sure the f***ing thing had blinkers. Yeah, that’s right! I’m calling you out, jackwad BMW drivers of Los Angeles! USE YOUR BLINKERS, SLOW YOUR ASSES DOWN AND STOP CUTTING IN FRONT OF THOSE OF US WHO’D LIKE TO BE AROUND LONG ENOUGH TO SEE RICK SPRINGFIELD MAKE A COMEBACK!!! But, I digress…


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