12/11/08: Golden Globes Sound-off!

Dear Dick Wolf:

For starters, I must electronically whack E Online upside the head for their HUGE display of ignorance:


RAY Fiennes?!?! Oh boy. Where have they been for the past 15 years that he’s been racking up Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Golden Globe and countless other award nominations?! He’s even represented at the MTV Movie Awards, yo! UNACCEPTABLE. Now, I know that Ralph pronounces his name “Rafe,” and when you put it together with Fiennes (I’m surprised they spelled that correctly) it sounds like RAY FINES. But seriously – you are a high-profile entertainment news outlet! How about a little fact-checking?! Time to turn in your Hollywood card, jackasses.


Now – on to the rest…

Admittedly, I haven’t yet seen many of these films, although I do have 3 screenings lined up during the next week alone. (This is my FAVORITE time of year! ) But the chosen nominees have been getting buzz for a while now, and most were expected. Also, the Globes are notorious for spotlighting great comedic movies and performances that don’t really have a shot at making the Oscar list, which is why I won’t get too bent out of shape at the HFPA for overlooking, say, Liev Schreiber for Defiance. It’s a chance for movies like Tropic Thunder and Burn After Reading to shine, as well as the actors in them who made us laugh. But there is one HUGE oversight in the ACTOR-COMEDY OR MUSICAL category:

  • Sam Rockwell

The man is a brilliant actor, period (he was ROBBED of an Oscar nom for his performance in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind). He’s been overlooked so many times, but this year he really should have scored a Golden Globe nomination for Choke. He was nothing short of genius – he rarely is.

Also, snubbed yet again in the PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR IN A TELEVISION SERIES—DRAMA category, our boy:

  • Christopher Meloni

WTF is wrong with these people?! Mariska doesn’t go unnoticed, so why is it that, when they’re watching her, they fail to notice how ridiculously talented he is? Unreal. This is becoming a joke. Same goes for SVU not being nominated in the TV DRAMA category. No, I’m not kissing up. It’s a f$#!ing good drama series. Wake up, voters! And while we’re on the subject of Law & Order, what about:

  • Vincent D’Onofrio – ????

Detective Bobby Goren is one of the most unique characters on television, hands down. D’Onofrio, as well, never gets the recognition he deserves.

UPDATE! E Online now looks like this:


So they’ve corrected Ralph’s name, good for them. But, now Dustin Hoffman is out and Philip Seymour Hoffman is in? Hmmmm…I wonder if the Hoffmans know this. Keep at it, E. We’ll check back in with you again later.

Moving on…I’m happy, of course, to see my girl Meryl pull two. Being the most talented actress on the planet, however, I’m not surprised. Glad to see Viola Davis make the supporting list for Doubt. She has only two scenes in the movie, but that second one alone is Oscar-worthy. And I’m THRILLED to see that Defiance was recognized for its beautiful score. While watching the film I kept saying to myself, “I must get this soundtrack!” Very well deserved. Also, speaking of scores, it would be nice to see Appaloosa make a showing at the Oscars in that category. Another great one.

OK, one last check in with E Online

Looks like that last update is solid. Don’t feel sorry for Dustin Hoffman, apparently his nomination falls into the Best ACTOR category, sans “supporting.” Well done, Braddock.

I’m going to stop now.

Have a great Thursday. Amen.



(Me & Ray)

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