11/27/08: My Excuse

Dear Dick Wolf:

For starters…Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you’re having a wonderful time with your family, friends and/or other. I am home alone today (cue the violins). I was going to spend the holiday at my aunt and uncle’s house, but I was awakened at 5:30 this morning by a projectile-pooping cat. Projectile as in – it landed on my dresser, my bookcase, my bedspread, all over the dining room/bathroom/living room floors, and in the entryway. Nice, huh? I hope you finished your pumpkin pie before reading this…So, after spending the better part of the morning scrubbing and disinfecting, I opted to stay home and look after her. Make sure she didn’t blanket the house again. I’m hoping it’s a one-off, but she had a similar problem about a year ago. Parasites. I’ve given her some medicine. So far there hasn’t been a repeat, but it’s only Day One. Keep your fingers crossed.

So, the reason I haven’t been in touch for over two weeks is that I’ve been working on my website. I have an online thrift store called Hollywood Vintage Rags & Bags. This is my logo:


Wow, that came out a bit bigger than I expected.

Anyway, I launched the business last year. My friend Gina Contreras designed the old website. She did an AMAZING job with it. So amazing, in fact, that I couldn’t quite wrap my head around managing it myself. Photoshop, Dreamweaver…these are programs that do not compute. So, I did a redesign using a template for the website-challenged. And – drum-roll, please – the new website has LAUNCHED!

Check it out: www.HollywoodVintage.la

Here’s the deal: I hit the thrift stores in the Hollywood area, comb through racks of undesirables, looking for the occasional gems. Then, I gather said gems together, and sell them all in one convenient place – ONLINE! And since the clothes are Hollywood cast-offs, you never know who may have owned them first! Did I stumble upon Brad Pitt’s old shirt? Reese Witherspoon’s discarded handbag? Dick Wolf’s necktie?! It’s certainly possible!

Oh, and 10% of all sales are donated to the USO. They do great things for our men and women overseas. In no way will this small gesture repay what our troops have sacrificed for me…for us…but hopefully it’ll help.

So, check out the store! If you find something you like, I’m willing to do trade for resume credits.

Thank you. Amen.

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11/11/08: Bless The Veterans


Our heroes forever…


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11/8/08: My Obama Bangs

Dear Dick Wolf:

I wanted to warn you that, when you bring me in for an audition (that’s happening soon, right?), I may not look exactly like my headshot. Why, you ask? Ummm…I cut my bangs. In support of Obama. It was my personal statement of change. Yeah, I know. Not exactly the change America’s looking for, but it’s quite a shock to the nation of Me.

You see, I had bangs until I was 21. Then I took a trip to New Orleans. Humidity level = catastrophic. I have naturally curly hair, so every time I stepped outside, my naturally curly bangs shrivelled up, transforming me into a poodle. Very embarrassing when you’re hitting the nightclubs, hoping to meet some dreamy southern boy (preferably with tattoos, a Harley, and a weak spot for redheads). So, after that trip, I vowed to grow out my bangs, forever ending the poodle curse.

Fast forward 15 years (ummm, I mean, 8…I can sell 29, I promise). My bangs are a distant memory. Oh sure, I think about them from time to time, when I see celebrities sporting them, looking adorable. Reese Witherspoon, Heidi Klum, Penelope Cruz. I think, “WOW – can bangs make ME look that good?” Then the cold hard truth slaps me in the face, snapping me out of it.

However, HOPE makes people do drastic things. In the midst of election day madness, I declared, “If Obama wins, I’m cutting my bangs tonight!” I don’t know why – it just seemed like a big enough message of change on my end. I WILL CUT MY BANGS FOR OBAMA! YES! I can always grow them out again if they look stupid. Also, they’d cover up the wrinkles that are starting to creep in – BONUS! As well as the chicken pock scar I always try to pass off as a BB gunshot wound. (This irritates my brother Nathan, since he’s the alleged trigger-finger…but it makes me chuckle.)


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11/4/08: A Day For the History Books

Dear Dick Wolf:

Happy Election Day!!


I’m up early to hit my polling place before work. An elementary school down the street. Can’t wait to get my “I voted” sticker!

That’s all for now. Gotta go get my cat outta the tub so I can shower.

Enjoy your vote!


7:32 a.m.

I break out the foundation. I do this maybe twice a year. Today is special.


8:09 a.m.

100 feet from the polling place, where he’s legally supposed to be, I’m handed a “No on 8” postcard by a man who simply wants equal rights. He asks for my vote. I tell him, “Absolutely!” I tuck the postcard into my sample ballot, walk away, and get misty-eyed for the first time today.



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