9/24/08: SVU Season Premiere

Dear Dick Wolf:

Ummm…. You know I adore you. I really do. That’s obvious, right? I’ve devoted an entire blog to you. I’m dying to be on your show, we’ve established this by now. You’re my hero (a title you share with my mom, Chris LeDoux and Meryl Streep, btw). So, now, don’t take this personally, but…ummm…can we talk about last night’s SVU season premiere for a minute? Yes, you say? OK good. {deep breath} Here goes…

Unimpressed. YIKES! I know, it hurts to type it. Now, it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t compelling (DISCLAIMER: subjective humble opinion). Yeah, we meet the new A.D.A., but I’m not buying her just yet. And NOT happy about the lingering handshake she shared with Elliot (watch it, girl). Fin’s sticking around – that’s good. Munch is THE BOMB, but what’s up with the bar bit? Unless he seriously plans on buying one sometime soon (do cops make that much??), it’s random. Elliot’s credit card fiasco was distracting. Its purpose was to what, foreshadow even more problems with his family life, since his daughter was the one who stole it? It was too much. And the whole “my foster kid has ADHD sooo bad that I need to secretly feed him experimental drugs” storyline seemed extraneous. Did it honestly have some significance to the story line and I missed it? Perhaps it did. I was drinking wine…Luke Perry looked great, and was charming enough, but his guilt was no surprise. Womp womp.

And I have to say, as a woman, my heart goes out to Olivia. She can’t adopt a kid, she can’t find the right guy, and NOW she has to deal with this attempted rape PTSD drama. She’s got a hell of a season ahead of her.

OK, I’m done. Look, I’m hardly a seasoned critic, so go ahead and throw all of that out the window if you want…but I had to weigh in.

OH – and on the opposite end of the spectrum, forgive me for not writing to tell you how F*@#ING BRILLIANT the season finale of D’Onofrio’s Criminal Intent was!!! UNREAL. My jaw was on the floor by the end of it. Totally twisted and PERFECT. Thank you, thank you. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Goren. And I have to say, Declan was right. He does – in a weird, unfortunate, surreal way – have a clean slate now. It was genius.

And I’m giddy with excitement to see Goldblum’s debut!

OK, now I’m really done.

Thank you. Amen.

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