9/5/08: So, You Googled the Supreme Court…

…and you landed here – excellent!

Hello, Supreme Court googlers! I notice I’ve been getting tons of hits from those of you wanting to brush up on our judicial system. I understand! These are exciting times. We have a historical race for the presidency underway, and I don’t blame you for wanting to do a little research on our federal government. I do, too! In fact, I’m taking a Political Science course at Los Angeles Valley College that starts next Monday. I didn’t pay much attention in high school. I was more concerned with why Jason Sexton was dating that butch chick with the glass eye instead of me. These days, however, I’m a little more intrigued by politics than I am by men (no offense, guys – I still adore you), so it’s back to school.

Anyway, I’ve figured out the reason you’re being directed to my blog. As you may have gathered, my intention is to woo TV mogul Dick Wolf so he’ll put me on his show Law & Order. Or one of the spin-offs, I’m not picky. I love them all. I’m addicted to them. I’m severely sleep deprived these days yet I still stayed up until 2 a.m. this morning watching reruns of SVU and Criminal Intent. I need an intervention, I admit it…So anyway, a couple of months ago I posted a link to a Supreme Court wire, because I thought Mr. Wolf would enjoy having it handy, and wrote a cute little post that included this picture:

Well, now the World Wide Web has linked this image to my blog. So, when you google “Supreme Court,” click on “images” and then click on this picture – here I am! Not a bad bit of detective work on my part, eh?

I don’t imagine this will be happening for long, but I welcome the new traffic – and you! So have a look around, enjoy a little Law & Order entertainment, and tell a friend about this website (DearDickWolf.com – you don’t even have to type the ‘wordpress’ part!) We must get word to Dick!

Thanks, googlers!

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