9/27/08: A Sad, Sad Day For Hollywood

I imagine most of us have shed tears over the death of someone famous. We may not have known these people privately, but they became part of our world, part of our lives, and it’s sad when they leave. I’ve shed many tears. But there have been only a handful of notable people whose deaths truly gutted me:

* Chris LeDoux
* Marlon Brando
* Katharine Hepburn
* Heath Ledger
* Princess Diana
* Peter Jennings

Today, there’s another person on that list.

Paul Newman has died.

We knew it was coming, but that doesn’t make it any less devastating. He was a screen legend. An icon. An Oscar-winner. A devoted husband and father. A philanthropist. And as any woman with a pulse (and half the men in this town) will attest to – a classic dreamboat.

I’m heartbroken. Like many people, I imagine. He was wonderful on so many levels. But beyond being an inspirational human being, he was a legend in this industry I’ve loved so much my entire life. And with his death, it’s as if part of Hollywood has died with him.

I can’t fathom how Joanne Woodward must feel today. They just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this year. Imagine spending half a century with the same person, and then one day, he’s just not there anymore. It kills me. I remember watching the televised funeral service for Ronald Reagan. When Nancy laid her head on his casket, it was the saddest moment I had ever seen. They’d been married for 52 years. I ached for her. And I ache to think that’s what Ms. Woodward is dealing with today. My prayers go out to her and their family.

Goodbye, Mr. Newman. You were a class act. May your soul rest in peace until your next great adventure.


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9/26/08: CHOKE!

Dear Dick Wolf:

If you plan on hitting your local cineplex this weekend, I’d like to recommend one of the FUNNIEST films I’ve seen in ages. It stars none other than my soulmate and future hubby, Sam Rockwell. I’m talking about Choke.

Now I’ll warn you – it’s a little risque. Don’t take any little people with you (kids, not dwarves). But if you’ve got a slightly twisted sense of humor that you want to let roam free for about two hours, go see it. Here’s a clip:

You can watch the trailer here.

Seriously, it’s hilarious. Go have a few laughs.

Oh, and on a side note, I’m highly jealous of this Kathryn Alexander chick. The only credit on her IMDB resume prior to Choke is…Law & Order?! Unreal. If you’d like to launch my career in a similar manner, I’m available for an audition at your earliest convenience.

Thank you. Amen.

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9/24/08: SVU Season Premiere

Dear Dick Wolf:

Ummm…. You know I adore you. I really do. That’s obvious, right? I’ve devoted an entire blog to you. I’m dying to be on your show, we’ve established this by now. You’re my hero (a title you share with my mom, Chris LeDoux and Meryl Streep, btw). So, now, don’t take this personally, but…ummm…can we talk about last night’s SVU season premiere for a minute? Yes, you say? OK good. {deep breath} Here goes…

Unimpressed. YIKES! I know, it hurts to type it. Now, it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t compelling (DISCLAIMER: subjective humble opinion). Yeah, we meet the new A.D.A., but I’m not buying her just yet. And NOT happy about the lingering handshake she shared with Elliot (watch it, girl). Fin’s sticking around – that’s good. Munch is THE BOMB, but what’s up with the bar bit? Unless he seriously plans on buying one sometime soon (do cops make that much??), it’s random. Elliot’s credit card fiasco was distracting. Its purpose was to what, foreshadow even more problems with his family life, since his daughter was the one who stole it? It was too much. And the whole “my foster kid has ADHD sooo bad that I need to secretly feed him experimental drugs” storyline seemed extraneous. Did it honestly have some significance to the story line and I missed it? Perhaps it did. I was drinking wine…Luke Perry looked great, and was charming enough, but his guilt was no surprise. Womp womp.


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9/23/08: Scene Day

Dear Dick Wolf:

Well, another big Scene Day at the Howard Fine Acting Studio has come and gone. It took place this past Sunday. Are you familiar with Scene Day? Perhaps Christopher Meloni told you about it, being an alum and all. If he didn’t, here’s the gist:

Twice a year, students are invited to perform scenes we’ve been working on in our respective classes. Some actors do monologues, some do three-person scenes, but for the most part, there are two of us on stage at any given time performing for the entire school, including Howard himself and the rest of the staff. Also, past students can attend…but that’s all. No friends, family members, etc. Only folks affiliated with the Studio.

My friend Nakisha and I put up a scene from the play Speaking in Tongues (GENIUS play). Five minutes of chaotic set up, five minutes of performing, two minutes of strike. BAM BAM BAM. And while we strike, the next scene sets up. It’s a rush for everyone involved.

So, how did our scene go, you ask? Well, here are a few comments we DIDN’T hear:


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9/17/08: Mind If I Call You Shave?

Dear Shaver Razorback Palin:

Hmmm…it may not be as catchy as Track, Trig, Bristol, Willow or Piper – but it’s definitely edgier. I wouldn’t mess with you on the playground.

That’s compliments of the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator, btw. It runs on weed.

Trowel Ogre Palin

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9/12/08: Christopher Meloni Naked!

I can’t believe how many people are finding my blog by searching “Christopher Meloni naked.” You’re all a bunch of pervs.

Very well. There’s a tame one. You can find much better pics on your own. Trust me – I looked. Again and again (and again).

I heart Google images.

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9/11/08: September 11th, 2001

Dear Dick Wolf:

Where were you when it happened?

It’s the question you now hear every year on this date. Me? I was sleeping soundly in my apartment in North Hollywood. My mom’s phone call woke me. She told me to turn on the television. At that point I’d never been to New York. In my mind, it was this indestructible, almost mythical place that, had someone told me it was the center of the universe, I would have believed it. (Now that I have been there, I’d swear to it.) And to see it attacked, to see our country attacked in such an arrogant, horrible manner, was devastating…I took solace in my journal. Looking back, I don’t know how therapeutic it ended up being, but I’m glad I did. Once a year I pull out what I wrote that day and reread it. Maybe it’s the actress in me wanting to get all sappy and emotional. But I like to think it goes deeper than that. That I read those words so I’ll never forget. So in my own way, I can honor the people whose lives were taken that day.

What follows is my account of September 11th, 2001.

7:55 a.m. PDT
My God. I’m watching the television right now. New York is completely under terrorist attack. Or should I say, the U.S. is. United Airlines flight #93 has just been reported to have crashed into Camp David. An anniversary of some sort. This is insane. American Airlines flight #11 from Boston, on its way to L.A., crashed into one of the Twin Towers at 8:48 this morning, Eastern time. At 10:30 a.m., the second tower collapsed. Everything is shut down.


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9/5/08: So, You Googled the Supreme Court…

…and you landed here – excellent!

Hello, Supreme Court googlers! I notice I’ve been getting tons of hits from those of you wanting to brush up on our judicial system. I understand! These are exciting times. We have a historical race for the presidency underway, and I don’t blame you for wanting to do a little research on our federal government. I do, too! In fact, I’m taking a Political Science course at Los Angeles Valley College that starts next Monday. I didn’t pay much attention in high school. I was more concerned with why Jason Sexton was dating that butch chick with the glass eye instead of me. These days, however, I’m a little more intrigued by politics than I am by men (no offense, guys – I still adore you), so it’s back to school.

Anyway, I’ve figured out the reason you’re being directed to my blog. As you may have gathered, my intention is to woo TV mogul Dick Wolf so he’ll put me on his show Law & Order. Or one of the spin-offs, I’m not picky. I love them all. I’m addicted to them. I’m severely sleep deprived these days yet I still stayed up until 2 a.m. this morning watching reruns of SVU and Criminal Intent. I need an intervention, I admit it…So anyway, a couple of months ago I posted a link to a Supreme Court wire, because I thought Mr. Wolf would enjoy having it handy, and wrote a cute little post that included this picture:

Well, now the World Wide Web has linked this image to my blog. So, when you google “Supreme Court,” click on “images” and then click on this picture – here I am! Not a bad bit of detective work on my part, eh?

I don’t imagine this will be happening for long, but I welcome the new traffic – and you! So have a look around, enjoy a little Law & Order entertainment, and tell a friend about this website (DearDickWolf.com – you don’t even have to type the ‘wordpress’ part!) We must get word to Dick!

Thanks, googlers!

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