8/23/08: I Have Very Cooperative Taste Buds

Dear Dick Wolf:

So, I recorded my expenses today, since the government is making me, and it dawned on me – I’d be a breeze to work with when it comes to craft services. Here’s today’s menu:

* Bag of Cheez-Its from vending machine for breakfast: $.75 cents
* Bag of almonds from the $.99 Cents Only Store: $.99 cents
* Corn tortilla quesadilla with avocado and salsa: $1.98 (I made it at home!)
* Icky steak burrito from vending machine (worked a double shift today. FYI: I only ate the insides, not the gummy tortilla): $1.50
* Baked cheddar goldfish and raw Brazilian nuts I stole from a coworker: FREE

So that’s it. That’s what I ate today. Now, that’s not all I bought. I actually spent $40 bucks at the $.99 Cents Only Store. That’s my favorite place, btw. I don’t know if Heaven exists, but I believe in the $.99 Cents Only Store. I go there every Saturday. Well, I didn’t go last Saturday because my face was bandaged and I would’ve frightened people. But today was a free for all and I came home with bags and bags of stuff. Soy milk, bran flakes, tomatoes, cheese…and nine avocados! You get 3 for $.99 cents so I bought nine. I usually eat one a day. They’re small though, so I won’t turn into a fatwad.

Anyway, my point is – I’m easy to please when it comes to food. The only thing I won’t eat is black licorice. ICK!

I hate that junk. But that’s all. So, you’d never hear me complaining about craft services.

Just one more perk when putting me on payroll.

Thank you. Amen.

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