8/22/08: Lost AND Found

Dear Dick Wolf:

I see you have another show in the works!

Dick Wolf to Develop Lost and Found

Law & Order creator Dick Wolf will develop Lost and Found, a new series for the NBC network.

The show is about a Los Angeles detective who is banished to work with anonymous victims, as a result of her constant run-ins with her superiors.

Chris Levinson, who has worked with Wolf on the Law & Order franchise, will be writing the pilot episode.

Congratulations! Don’t worry, I’m not going to beg you for a job. My goal, as you know, is Law & Order.  (Right now I’m watching the SVU episode Futility with Fred Savage. Well, I’m not really watching it so much as I have it on in the background. I find it comforting. Like a security blanket. Oooh! Just heard the DUHNT DUHNT!)

I notice you’re using the word “and” instead of the ampersand for this new show. I’m kinda partial to the ampersand, but I get it. You’ve been there, done that. Time to make some changes. I suppose you could go all slang and call it Lost-n-Found, but that’s a little hokey. The show sounds pretty intense, so I think you made the right decision by sticking to tradition and using the actual word.

Now, this chick who has the run-ins with her superiors – you know who would be GREAT? Lili Taylor! She kicks ass and it sounds like a perfect role for her. Just in case you’re looking for suggestions.

OK, I have to go. A census guy just came by and dropped off a booklet. It seems I must account for every penny I spend over the next week, to help the government “learn about the buying habits of people in the United States” – that’s what it says on the cover. Seriously – I have to record everything.

This could get embarrassing.

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