7/16/08: To Freeze or Not To Freeze

I watched the SVU episode last night called “Inconceivable” (good one, writers) in which Janine Turner and her whacked-out husband steal a cryotank of frozen embryos from a fertility clinic as a publicity stunt, with the intention of returning them safely. However, the embryos aren’t returned to the lab in time and they all die. And unfortunately, for some of the women whose eggs were in that tank, it was their last chance at having children…Well, it got me thinking. I’m 27-38 years old, with no potential husband in sight – unless you count Sam Rockwell, but I need to get his attention first which, you know, I could do if I WERE ON LAW & ORDER!!! (cue dead horse beating) So, the gigantic, looming question is – has the time come for me to get my eggs frozen?

I went through this dilemma a couple of years ago. I read an article claiming that those of us in the “Bridget Jones Generation” should be freezing our eggs before it’s too late. Before we look back and realize that our best childbearing years have gone the way of the phone booth. This way, once we get around to having kids, we don’t have to fertilize our dried-up dinosaur eggs the old-fashioned way and risk having three-headed mutant offspring. Instead, we can have our still-old-but-usable eggs fertilized in a lab and implanted back into us, the way nature intended.

Ok, fine. Maybe they’ve got a point, I tell myself. Maybe I should, for the sake of my unborns, get them sucked out now. So, I look into it. The average cost of freezing eggs (one cycle) is over $10,000 dollars. Then there are the additional expenses of storing the eggs, thawing them when ready, fertilization and tossing ’em back inside. Figure in tests, medication and Haagen-Dazs therapy, and you’re looking at way more money than I’ve got lying around.

Still – is it necessary at this point? Should I consider it an important investment, whip out the credit card and head to the clinic? Let’s say I do. Let’s say I freeze my eggs. Then, by some freak occurrence, I meet some available, decent guy and, in a moment of weakness, we fall into bed and conceive. Hey – it happens to people my age. My friend Jason and his girlfriend are expecting the stork any day. Now, if you’d have told him a year ago that he’d be a daddy this summer, he would’ve laughed for days (after he peed his pants, vomited his breakfast and had a minor heart attack). But things happen. Accidents happen. Life happens.

Then of course, there’s always adoption. Why bear my own children when there are so many already out there who need good homes? But still, I would like one of my own. AARRGGHH!! I’m so torn…

Dear Dick Wolf:

Please put me on Law & Order. I need to get Sam Rockwell’s attention so we can fall in love, get married and I don’t have to freeze my eggs. I’m too conflicted. And poor.

Thank you. Amen.

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