7/9/08: The Biggest YAY in the History of YAYs!!

Considering my obsession with passion for this show, why for the love of all things Wolf am I JUST NOW FINDING OUT ABOUT THIS?!?!

Jeff Goldblum has joined Law & Order: Criminal Intent, replacing Chris Noth, who is leaving the crime drama after three seasons. Goldblum…will split starring duties with co-lead Vincent D’Onofrio the way D’Onofrio did with Noth. “Jeff’s presence will add a new dimension to an already successful show,” Law & Order chief Dick Wolf said.

Excuse me while I roll my tongue back into my mouth. What a PERFECT choice!! Goldblum is so intriguing and quirky and dreamy and brilliant. Not that I have anything against Noth, but honestly, I never got on board his bus. It’s the only L&O I don’t watch…But that’s all about to change! D’Onofrio one week, Goldblum the other?! Seriously – my life may very well be complete. Well, except for the whole wanting to be on the show thing. And a boyfriend might be nice. And a better nose. Perhaps an avocado tree. One that’s already sprouting fruit though, not the kind I have to nurse for years before it’s guacamole ready. But I digress…

Dear Dick Wolf:

For starters – THANK YOU! You have made my day. Maybe my entire week. Actually, this could be a case of chronic giddiness.

Now, let’s get to business. Are you keeping that Wheeler gal around or are you in the market for a new redheaded detective? May I suggest, um – ME? Jeff and I are practically old pals. I’ve seen him perform with his jazz band a few times and he even introduced himself to me once. You can ask him – he’d remember. In fact, I think he was flirting with me. But don’t worry, I wouldn’t let that tempestuous attraction get in the way of our professional relationship. It would simply be an asset to our on-screen chemistry.

I’m available for an audition at your earliest convenience. Please let me know. I’m leaving my hat in the ring for Novak’s replacement, but just so we’re clear – I’m flexible.

Oh, and did I say thank you? Thank you. Goldblum! Wow! Terrific! Goldblum…THANK YOU.


P.S. Have you seen Mad Dog Time? Roger Ebert said it was one of the worst movies ever, but I love it. Goldblum is fab in it. And Gabriel Byrne has one of the best death scenes!!

Ooops – sorry. Didn’t mean to give that away.

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