6/15/08: Stagebound!

Dear Dick Wolf:

Sorry I haven’t written for a few days. Don’t worry, I’m fine. Just been a tad busy. I did, however, manage to squeeze in a GREAT L&O episode over the weekend. The one with Mandy Patinkin. Oooh – he is soooo fab! Obviously I don’t have to tell you. And what a singer! Have you seen him perform? I’ll bet he’d give you a good deal on concert tickets. He had a performance here a while back but I missed it. I was probably broke. I spend far too much money on booze boots. Cowboy boots. I’m a sucker for them. I have six pairs, including a groovy snakeskin pair I bought in Nashville years ago. They’re super cute.

Anyway, it’s great that you have all these big names on your show. I have to admit, though, as soon as I see a star in an episode I think, “Welp – there’s our perp.” Not that I’m always right, of course. But when I saw Patinkin I figured he’d shot that jewelry store owner, even though he was injured himself at the scene of the crime and claimed that a robber shot them. I knew it was self-inflicted (uh – it was, wasn’t it?) Then he disappears come trial time and we find out who he really is, Keyser Soze style. Actors are suckers for roles like that….And Robin Williams on SVU doing his One-Hour-Photo-Shop thing? Since he managed to get away at the end, is it safe to assume he’ll be back? That’s cool. Because, you know, he needs the work…Oh – and can you please continue to cast Chris Sarandon as much as possible? I’ve been in love with him since Fright Night.

So, the reason I’m crazybusy is that I got cast in a play last weekend. I’m jumping in midstream for the lead actress who dropped out three weeks before opening. The press release had already been sent, posters and postcards with her name on them already printed up. Apparently she was having “issues” with the other actors, so she bailed. For the record, that’s unacceptable in my world. You make a commitment to the stage, you follow through…And it’s a terrific role. So her loss truly is my gain. It’s a little scary having less than three weeks to flesh out a character and learn the script, but I’m having a great time. I’ll give you more information as opening night approaches. I’d love for you to come. I’ll score you some comp tickets. Cool?

Oh  – and Happy Father’s Day. Hope it was terrific. 🙂

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