6/11/08: Ripped From a Column On Page 17

Dear Dick Wolf:

Will we be seeing this on an upcoming CI episode? Could create a bit of suspense! Goren and Eames are searching for a kidnapped baby…a superstore employee sees something suspicious, reports it…next thing you know:

Goren: “False alarm. Looks like a burrito.”
Eames: “It’s huge. Chipotle?”
Goren: “That’s my guess.” (Cocking his head to the side, squinting his eyes, studying the burrito.) “There are fingerprints all over this thing. Obviously the woman who tossed it wasn’t too concerned with concealing her identity.”
Eames: “How do you know it was a woman?”
Goren: “Look here.” (Points to the top of the burrito.) “A bite’s been taken out of it. Check out the imprint of the second bicuspid. It’s almost the same size as the first molar. That’s a female characteristic.” (Smells it.) “Also, she smoked a Capri menthol light cigarette around 10 a.m. this morning. No man would be caught dead with one of those.”
Eames: “Think she could be our perp?”
Goren: “Nah. Whoever took that baby wouldn’t leave a trail like this. It’s sloppy.”
Eames: “Well, let’s hope they’ve left something behind.”
Logan: (Enters.) “Hey, have you guys seen Carrie?”
Eames: “Uh…wrong show, dude.”
Logan: “Oh – sorry.” (Exits.)
Goren: “We’re close. I can tell. We’ll find little Molly.”
Eames: “Yeah, I just hope she’s alive when we do.”
Goren: “I don’t get it. Why would someone throw away a perfectly good burrito?”
Eames: “Animal.”


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  1. … but how many cops did it take to figure out that it was a burrito? hmmmm….

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