5/21/08: Free Bra!

Dear Dick Wolf:

Would you like a free bra? This just in:

Dear Dick Wolf,

I am a casting director and I would give the bra off my back for Gina.  In fact, I did, the very first time I met her. 

I was crewing on a production of ‘Hair’ in the 90’s and was backstage during intermission.  This crazy redhead ran up to me and said ‘Omigod, could you lend me your bra?!?!  I need a white bra for the next scene!’

Stunned, I said ‘Yeah, sure…’, took it off and gave it to her.  She hastily attached it and ran onstage in time for her cue.

My brassiere was returned to me covered with fluorescent glow-paint, which never completely came off, even after several washes.  This I discovered when I wore it once into a night club.  The black light made it glow bright yellow under my shirt.  Talk about the headlights being on!

I have performed Shakespeare with Gina, knew her in her bridge-scaling, sky-diving Danger Girl days, seen her sing ‘Piece of My Heart’ better than Joplin, and have auditioned her for Jennifer Aniston and Tim Robbins movies.  She rocks.  Put her on the show.  I will send you my bra.”

Lana Veenker CSA

Woo-hoo! I will send you my bra, too. That way you’ll have a pair.

No pun intended.

Hair. Circa 1997. I’m in the yellow shirt, wearing said bra.


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