5/20/08: Law & Disorder

Dear Dick Wolf:

Have you thought about developing a comedy spin-off of your highly successful franchise? I mean, let’s face it. There’s a plethora of stupid criminals out there…Case in point:

Farmer faces jail over tractor prank

A Polish farmer is facing jail after he drove his two ton tractor down a set of stairs in a drunken bet.

Tomasz Jankowski, 45, tried to drive his tractor down the city centre steps in the middle of a town square in Tczew in north west Poland after drinking with friends.

He said: “After a few vodkas the staircase seemed a lot wider than it really was and nowhere near as steep.”

But the vehicle got jammed and he fled – only to be caught by police an hour later back in the pub after witnesses gave cops a description.

He was arrested and charged with damaging public property and drunk driving after a breath test showed he was two times over the legal drink driving limit.

It’s a pretty good premise for a sitcom, right? Rather than try to track down, say, an SVU perp, your detectives could go after the true menaces of society – drunks on farm machinery and such. Buffoonery would ensue.

I was going to suggest you call the show Law & Disorder, but after a quick Internet search, I see that’s not exactly a novel idea. And here I thought I was Clever Clara. So, my other suggestions include:

* Dumb & Disorderly
* Crime & Chaos
* Mayhem & Misrule

Or there’s always Law & Order: Stupid Criminal Intent

Of course you have my permission to use any of these.

Oh, Stabler was wearing groovy beach wear tonight. Thank you for that. Amen.

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